It’s no longer a question of … should I live in a different country or not?
It’s clear that I need to leave. The only question is… part-time or full-time? I’m going to start slowly. I plan to travel around Southeast Asia for the next six-months. Thailand with side-trips to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and possibly Vietnam and Indonesia.

There’s an old saying: “If you done something for 10 or 20 years … you’ve done it.” Well, that’s how I feel about living in the United States. It’s still my country… but, I’ve done it. I’ve guarded it in Texas and the missile fields of the Midwest. I’ve driving long haul interstate flatbed and heavy haul trucks to every state except Maine and Florida. I’ve lived, hoped, worked in Oregon, California, Washington D.C., Georgia, Texas, Wyoming, and now Virginia.

By the way, I’m really impressed with much of Virginia, but even here, life is pretty … predictable. You have the Tea Party numb-nuts on one end and the Gansta numb skulls on the other. In between, there are good people struggling to be happy. But the current container we’re struggling in feels a little too lean.

If a guy my age wants to have fun, he’s either faced with bars, night clubs, churches with predictable “rules” to follow, or joining one more “group” in hopes of finding someone’s auntie that isn’t too awfully disappointed about life–and men. There has to be more, and from what I’m told, I plan to find it. Hope you stay tune to what I’m finding along the way.