I woke excited about the day.
I’m no longer mired or tethered to one spot… I can experience the world!

That takes time to sink in. What is the purpose of it all? For me it’s both writing (my passion) and re-opening my heart.

A stewardess on the flight to Japan back in June was a striking woman in her 50s. She had a black accent and said she was from Oakland, but I think she was actually Latina. She called me a, “PWP”. I asked her about it… and with scolding (but mentoring) look, she explained: “Player with a Passport.”

The Eskimos supposedly call the act of making love, “Making Laughter”.
What’s more important than play and laughter?
In the U.S., we are taught to work like Egyptian slaves so that we can earn enough money to play and “make laughter.”
Ridiculous isn’t it.

We even scorn those who dedicate too much time to play and “making laughter.”
Yet, those are the justifications for everything. We even rank ourselves by how much we’re able to achieve both.

I think I’ll stay in Chiangmai for six more days. (The days already paid for my hotel.) Then, where? I have to be in Bangkok on October 2d. That’s four days unscheduled. They’ll be spent in a hotel high enough to have a gym and a swimming pool. Free WiFi. I’m finding out the importance of that. Right now I’m saving money in an older, clean and simple hotel that costs me $19 dollars a day. I’d better finish scheduling before the prices go up.

To Do Today:

  • Wash my clothes near the Tae Pae Gate
  • Find, “Backpackers Haven” near the Tae Pae Gate
  • Go out to Chiang Mai University (It’s a good way outside the city)
  • Visit the temple across the street
  • Rest and later, shop at the Chiang Mai Night Market
  • And of course … eat, sip good coffee … and just experience it all.