Medical and Dental treatment in Thailand is said to be as good and sometimes better than what we get in the United States. One thing for sure–it’s far cheaper–and much more easily accessible.

Thailand is a Buddhist country–not Christian–so Sunday isn’t a Sabbath Day where everything closes. Case in point is a dental office a few blocks past the Tha Pae Gate. I simply strolled by, saw the sign, knew I needed my teeth cleaned, and peered into the glass doors of the Chiangmai Medical and Dental Polyclinic on 129/1-2 Moonmuang Road. I hardly expected to see people working, but there they were.

I entered, filled out a short form and was whisked upstairs where a gentile old doctor put me at ease. He’d studied in Austria and was extremely worldly and a gratefully skilled professional. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes for only 700 Bhat ($21.oo U.S.) I highly recommend the experience.