For many, life in the United States sucks. No statistic better illustrates that than suicide. Yes, joy has been packaged, quantified, monetized, and fed back to us drip, by drip. The future looks gloomy. Americans spend over four billion dollars a year, traveling around the world in search of people who’ll love us… yet we often refuse to talk to the neighbor who lives right next door. Life in the U.S. leaves us feeling alienated from self and others. Social Engineers have even stolen our religion, co-opted it, and turned it into a weapon that benefits the government of the super rich.

Automobile accidents used to be the number one cause of injury-related deaths in America. Dr. Ian Rockett of WVU Health Sciences stated, “from 2000 to 2009, the death rate for suicide ticked up 15 percent while it decreased 25 percent for car wrecks.” Dr. Rockett went on to say, “While I am going well beyond our data, my speculation is that the immediate driving force is prescription opioid overdoses.”

Classic denial. Americans have higher rates of addiction and prescription use than any other nation on earth. Nothing is ever mentioned about WHY so many people feel they need to self-sooth themselves with drugs, alcohol, and prescribed medications. Nor is there ever any mention about the related mental, emotional, physical, and sexual traumas experienced while under the influence of all this “self-soothing.”

This, “new study” was, published in the November 2012 issue of the American Journal of Public Health, “also found that unintentional falls and homicide were the fourth and fifth causes of injury death, respectively. And overall, injury-related deaths were less common in females than males.” The study’s data is from the National Center for Health Statistics.

(Reposted and rephrased from article written by By Megan Gannon, News Editor | – Tue, Sep 25, 2012 11:36 AM EDT