“I haven’t been posting” Excuse No. 347-A-IIIc…

Seriously… I haven’t been posting because I haven’t fully understood what I’ve been seeing. Yes, Thailand has changed greatly in the past 40 years … but so has the world. The house girls who clean our uniforms washed them in a pond and beat them on rocks.

Now there are washing machines in your hotel room so modern you need to call tech support to operate them. Everyone, even the beggars seem to be well fed… but it there’s always a cost, isn’t it?

Deep corruption is felt at every level, and just as you have Christians in America who can’t even spell the word, “Love”, so it is here that you have Buddhist running around who don’t seem to know anything about Buddhism.

“Face” is strong here. People will do almost anything in this spoiled, “me” driven society, until they think you’re about to call them on it. Saving “face” reigns supreme. But how can that be in a culture who’s religion and national philosophy preaches concepts like: Don’t Know Mind, No Comparing Mind, and Egolessness“? Why should a Buddhist care about what another person thinks??

The world is the world and people are people regardless where you go. My job in traveling Thailand is not to change the crooks, but to see them, and not allow their motives to close me off from the many magical gifts that are here.

My “job” is to change. Traveling to another culture allows me to respond to the same old triggers in slightly different ways because my goal is not to change this dysfunctional, wounded world, but to change my own heart and mind so that I can … “allow myself to flourish lovingly within it.” So each time I’m triggered by what SEEMS like an insult or racism, I’ve found that when I pause, take a step back, open my heart to the “perceived attacker” … and whistle a little love at her, the situation immediately changes. The Thais see I get it, and open to me with acceptance and smiles… because East or West…

Every attack is either a sign of love,
or an invitation to love…

(Unless made by a sociopath or criminal thinker…)