Man should do more than just exist… we should thrive.
This is one of my favorite films. No, I have no intention of becoming a train robber in my 60s… but “The Grey Fox” exemplifies the inner and outer adventures men and women can enjoy in our senior years.

Yahoo recently ran a story about romance in what for many can surprisingly be our best decade… our 60s. I think I thought that arriving at 60, my arms and legs would drop off. Instead, I’m pleasantly surprised at what my body is still capable of.

But it’s the heart and the wisdom of decades of trials, failures, and successes that are my greatest assets. Add a comfortable retirement that secures me for the rest of my life and frees me from financial insecurity and debilitating stress, and what’s left is a person travel companion capable of sharing interesting stories at Five Star hotels, scuba diving, mule camping, farm and eco-tourism. It really is a time of, “Whatever the mind can conceive, the body… and heart can achieve.”