Okay… “Define Racism“: “Racism is system based on the practice giving one “race” more privileges than another, and subjugating, discounting, or oppressing the rights and economic opportunities of the target group the “-ism” is aimed at.

So Thailand doesn’t have a “system” in place that supports actions based upon beliefs that a particular “race” is superior to others. So … are Thais “racist”? No.

Are Thais Prejudice then? Yes.LBJ said it
Some Thais most definitely ARE prejudice against blacks… Africans, and anyone who has darker skin tones… including each other. That’s right–almost half the Thai population are darker skinned “Issan” people from the eastern half of the country. This is a poorer area of the country with inferior schools and less services. Women from the Issan are very exotic looking to Western eyes. They are the “brides of choice” for foreign men and they predominately are the girls who find themselves employed as sex workers throughout Thailand. Women from the Issan (Isan, isarn) region are considered to be “very sweet, feminine, natural, and innocent.” These people are also looked down upon as being the “Hillbillies” of Thailand. Basically … um… these rural people spend more time in the sun.

There are a lot of contributing factors to actions that mirror “racist Thai behavior”, but in the end it comes down to, Willie Lynch’s,Divide and Conquer” polices. To have top, you have to have a “bottom.” If the Chinese Thai has associated themselves with “the top,” then they have to have someone to be better than… don’t they? Forget who this benefits in the end … and forget there is NOTHING Buddhist about this behavior… when I as an African American see it in action, it LOOKS like Boot-licking. It looks like Thais are degenerating themselves by slavishly “Khao-Towing” to Europeans and White Americans regardless to the person’s education, level of morality, mental stability, or intelligence. If Buster shows up white, they bow and scrape. Not all … but sadly, FAR too many.

Suggestion? Save your money and spend it in places where you’ll be much more respected and honored. Spend it with people you’re more likely to enjoy culturally interacting with. In other words, in this smaller digital age, it’s increasingly clear that you are wiser to spend your money in Africa or places with large African populations like
the Caribbean.

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