Beautiful Ethiopa
Beautiful Ethiopa

“Where you spend your money is a very political choice.” How many times have we heard that? Here’s another one: “Everything is marketing.” Put them both together, and ask yourself: “WHY on earth would an aware black person waste their money traveling to Paris when the French are notoriously bigoted, arrogant, and racist?” I went there back in the early 80s to escape… and found them lacking. Great sense of style… but their humanity was worst than the America I was running from.

The trauma of racism often prevents us from thinking rationally. It’s a WASTE OF TIME trying to “prove” something to someone else. It’s a waste of your valuable resources to take your money to people who don’t like nor respect you. In the end, you’ll have a miserable time and a slightly more damaged personal psychology.

I was warned not to take my money to Thailand … but I was here 40 years ago and it was some of the most wonderful years of my life. I was 19 then. I’m 59 now. I’ve been through intense romances, great failures and successfully achieve hard fought for goals. The reality is … I don’t feel like running around after dark trying to pay some poor girl to have sex with me. (I’m not that desperate nor do I wish to harm myself… nor the girl… by engaging in mindless empty sex. I no longer drink, and I don’t use drugs … so… WTF… )

The guy who warned me was a Security Guard working out at a local gym. He’d just returned from Ethiopia. Yeah…. the place where the grow some of the most beautiful women on the PLANET. (And yes ladies … the men are handsome too… hey, we’re talking the world’s greatest marathon runners!!) Life Lesson Number One: You Can Have What You Want.

So why not want to put your vices and social-political interests together and use those dollars in The Motherland. You know … the birthplace of all humans… the real cradle of civilization … the true origin of geometry, astrology, math, language, and religion.

Don’t take my world for it, go on YouTube and search for, “The Journey of Man.” Pull up one of Dr. Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan (A.K.A. “Dr. Ben“) and learn the story behind all the stories. Find out why Kubla Khan was so enraptured by that Abyssinian (Ethiopian) maid. Life is short. Go see how sweet they are. Be shocked at Uganda‘s safety and the splendor of the world’s most powerful water falls.