Sure, many may tell themselves… consciously… that there are different reasons they seek travel. Some feel it’s for adventure. Some for curiosity. Others search for someone to be loved by… out there…your book

But there’s always a difference between our conscious and unconscious thoughts, desires, and dreams. Joseph Campbell talks of the four directions and how danger always lies in the North. Mothers of the mythical village warn their children to go anywhere BUT North. Demons and tyranny are there. Naturally, that is exactly the first direction they go.

Ulysses said his purpose was to save Helen, but even after they’d conquered Troy, the longest part of his journey lay ahead. Regardless if we’re in search of The Holy Grail or simply something we can find to bring back to enrich the village, there is something almost primordial within the psyche of travelers

When the human spirit weakens, inevitably, seekers young and old, board ships, muster in, and don robes. Pilgrims walk amongst crowds of Japanese fans who bow and sing to the team that have vanquished their heroes. Spirits of old and tired veterans are renewed by observing the indomitable spirits of barefooted refugees cry and wave their flags. The aromas of tapioca fields linger in their hearts as they stand on the rail of ships heading home. (And yes, a voyage booked on a Tramp Steamer is far more an experience than sharing the stale, enclosed air of a dimly lit airliner.) But any way you chose to get there, when you hear the call of the road or the song of the Sirens–go.

Find what your Body-Mind craves… and when you return, you may either discover it was there all along, or you’ll bring, wrapped in woven silk, a missing chalice for the villagers to look upon and reflect that their lives are about far more than getting from one place to another.

The word, “travel” comes from the French word, “Travail.” The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor that allows us… our ego.. to reflect upon itself “that lets you know where you are.” The journey to get from one place to another is life and life was never supposed to be easy. Your creed needs to be less about blame, and more the prayer: “God, don’t move my mountains, but give me the strength to climb them.” If you lose your way go, seek, and always you’ll find. Any path… any direction, will lead you where you to it.