OC StormI enjoyed buck wild Oklahoma City … good hotel rooms for cheap and JaZZy WOMEN … of every flavor, size and age … with plenty of personality and extremely FRIENDLY! After meeting Tamika, I was planning on staying two or three extra days. But after watching the morning news and learning that extreme storms and tornados were “scheduled” tonight and the next three days, I decided to check out the hotel and push the pedal to the metal of my little car strategically aimed at the Arkansas border. (Besides… Tamika never called.)

It only took a few miles into the State of Arkansas to discover that while I’d escaped tornadoes… apparently… I … was now in the midst of … “The Way Backmachine.” Yep. It’s true folks. Being in any area where its citizens are ignorant egomaniacs will place you in a vortex called … “The Wayback Machine.”