I drove into Washington DC four days ago fully expecting to help sell products at the Ethiopian Soccer Festival. Unfortunately the goods didn’t arrive in port soon enough. So I was free to shop and explore the vibrant, beautiful city of power.

I think I saw one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen walking down the street in Silver Spring, Maryland (a suburb of DC). Beautiful Ethiopians were everywhere. But I was shocked to encounter hostile and combative attitudes from what are typically humble and sweet people. It made me extremely curious. I began to question and explore.

Was what I was experiencing, “Ethiopian” or a by-product of what was going on everywhere in the city? I was surprised to learn that many Ethiopians are grieving the lack of love for each other. The world is calling them, “lovely”… yet they are hating on each other too. Then I saw this picture on Facebook. There were so many comments calling for “One Love” and pleading for the stopping of governmental and social violence. Violence is traumatizing.

The cycle of Trauma is worldwide.
Whatever “traumatizes” the human psyche, we recreate over and over in search for resolution. Healing trauma comes from telling the story over and over from many different perspectives. Seeing the hurt from different view points. (Not hiding it.)

There are Four Levels of the way human beings “do” life (function). Transpersonal Psychology lists them from the LOWEST to the Highest as:

1. Egocentric
Like babies. This is the lowest. “Everything is about me.” People experience the world simply from their own senses… what feels good or bad.

2. Ethnocentric
“My Tribe.” My group. My color. My country. Me. Everything is about my culture or color. 70% of the world is stuck at these two levels. It’s tricky because of racism and oppression, we have to be ethnocentric to some extent… but not all. (Everyone has these in them.) But to be a wise, fully functioning adult, humans also have to grow to the next level.

3. Altruistic-centric
I heal and grow by beginning to consider what the other person feels. How can I help that other person? How can our hearts heal? How can I begin to love more than just my selfishness? (To be a good father or mother, this is a MUST.)

4. Spirit-centric
Simple religion can sometimes be a trap… yet another way to control people. Fear. But to truly love God, is to go further. When people operate on the level of the spirit… powerful things happen.

“What is God? God is Love.”
One Love