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Let’s face it. For most of us searching for a better place to live, play, or work… we’d might as well put a map of the world up on the wall and throw a dart at it. Wherever it lands, that’s just as good as the next place. Why? Globalism. The Corporate Overlords are spreading the same white-washing propaganda and using the same tactics that Plato taught. Most people throughout the world are marionettes being pulled by strings that date back to the 16th Century… and if they’re Americans, they either believe they’re free or helpless victims of oppression. Personally, I believe in gray… “Middle Path.”

After the Zimmerman trial, the effects that one dysfunctional idiot had on the country was unbelievable. It sent me searching for answers to why did this one unjust trial undue the truth that it was mainstream whites that put a black president in office–twice? Why, despite the numbers the prove whites commit acts of violence (by the sheer numbers of the population) than blacks, were African-Americans still being pointed out as perpetrators of ALL crime?? And WHY was a simple garment worn by everyone, suddenly stigmatized as the reason why a teenager had to be murdered?

I love YouTube. The answers to everything is posted on one video or another. One search pulled up this EXCELLENT video on Social Engineering in the 20th Century. Empower yourself by viewing the series. It explains why most of every reaction we have… from cradle to grave, is now a by-product of John B. Watson‘s “Behaviorism.” From B. F. Skinner‘s standardized tests designed to destroy a love of learning and separate future doctors from future janitors to the realization that Americans now have only one identity … and it’s based upon… war. Without war, without someone or something to push against, most Americans would fall on the floor, empty of any myth or meaning for life.

And yes, it’s going to get worse because the Corporate Criminals of the world have won. The super rich now have Hate Radio and Fox News to funnel all the rage that “Designed Frustration” produces, upon any victim population they desire. (The North Carolina Legislators just passed a bill allowing people with concealed gun permits to carry guns into bars and wherever alcohol is served.) Jesus never had one knife, one pistol, nor one spear… yet even our Christianity now tells us to hate and despise Muslims… that it’s okay to kick down their doors, shoot, torture, and kill them… and take their resources.

So… in such a climate, it’s utterly important to know the scope of the box you’re in. What is the nature of the Matrix and can a person extricate themselves sufficiently enough to build a safe, peaceful, productive, and happy life? View the video.

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