Got a dog.
South African Boerboel puppy. Beautiful coloring … unique… great disposition. But I haven’t had a puppy since I was a kid, and it’s true, they can be more challenging than having a newborn baby or a toddler underfoot.

Missy my Boerboel pup.

She’ll get big (mastiff breed) and get weigh as much as 125 to 150 pounds, and yes, I bought her from a reputable breeder that I highly recommend. Roger at Atomic Boerboels has invested time, money, travel and years of expertise to obtain several unique and high quality, “true to breed” Boerboels.

Male Boerboels naturally get larger… 150 to 200 pounds. When the Europeans entered Africa, they brought their largest herding, hunting, and protection dogs with them. After generations of inbreeding, problems surfaced so they looked to the dogs Africans had been using for centuries and developed breeds for various usages such as hunting game (Rhodesian Ridgback) or for guarding and protection (Boerboel). Boerboels were bred specifically to guard against lions, hunt, track, and herd. (I was surprised at how deep these traits are in them.)

Boerboels are like huge Labradors toward their owners and will naturally protect (with their lives) anything you raise them with. Missy is extremely friendly — now– but around 10 months they change. No one unknown to the dog can enter the property. This dog is smart and has a great personality. Like all puppies, she has to be watched, or else… like Missy, they’ll eat up your plants and tear up whatever you leave in their path.

All pups should be monitored … or else…
Missy at 3 months.. almost 4
A full grown Boerboel .. seems to be saying: “Hey… you’re in the wrong yard ain’t ya??”