Pulling away from the continent, I experience a feeling of being done with it… at least for a while. A away from bostonflash of congealed emotions, excitement mixed with anger and elation that we’ve broke gravity from the Great Beast. Can a black man find a better life abroad? This is only one of the unanswered questions floating in my head as the Turkish Airbus A340-300 lifts away from killer criminal police who protect criminal legislators, bankers, and administrators, who sociopathically perpetrate their crimes against humanity on blacks.

Do creature comforts provide a higher quality of life than places that feed your soul and comfort your heart?
The Age of Narcissism has become the Age of Loneliness, and in it, I realize that not only have I gotten used to the loneliness, but I’ve forgotten much of togetherness … what it feels like to calmly and casually live bonded in safety and contentment as well as the emotional skills needed to create extended communal togetherness.

The United States has become a brainwashed nation of designed ignorance.
Teachers complain of high school students who can’t even find the U.S. on a world map. “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core” manufacture shallow thinking students who do what they’re told. Mention “Existentialism” and their eyes glaze over and begin rolling back in their skulls. It’s estimated that 50% of Americans are either mentally ill or suffer from a Personality Disorder. The most casual trip the supermarket becomes a theater of  disgruntled cashiers play silly roles of jealousy and “hating.” Borderline “Drama” seems to be a new normal. Rudeness …. “Attachment Issues” … social hostility, and immaturity are so normal in our world that at some point one has to ask… “Is it past time to leave?”

But where? White Supremacy … while a mental illness of its own… has successfully colonized much of the world. People of color who are overly “White Identified” are now also classified as mentally ill. So while there is no way for White Supremest to continually commit acts of atrocities and have any hope of remaining sane, internalized oppression and “monkey-see, monkey-do-ism” has robbed as much joy as the value system of, “The Wire” and “Scandal” has.

“Everyone must find their own place to be“. ~ Carlos Castaneda
There is no one place or one size fits all for blacks trying to distance themselves from racism. Personality, class, and values are just a few of the filters for deciding places to relocate. But fear of change may be the biggest issue. Like in baseball, you cannot steal second base if you’re still holding on to first base. The sad truth is … THE WORLD is against us. All the media is controlled by six … SIX major corporations now. They have been catastrophically successful in colonizing the minds of Asians (i.e. whitening creams, blond hair, and eye lid cutting), Latinos, Aboriginals, and Black people to the point of insanity and cultural suicide. Hence, if you don’t do your research, one can find yourself jumping out of the skillet into the frying pan.

That said, I wish I could assert that it’s not only useless for black people to seek refuge on any continent other than Africa, but insanity … but I realize this is not true for everyone. But I can say, if you want to take a vacation, you need to take it in one of the African nations rather than continue to give your dollars to people who hate and oppress you.

For those committed to remaining, you will find this video … illuminating…
The Mental Illness of White Identification