There are pluses and minuses to every culture and in fairness, it’s the heavy toll levied by

He's lived in the U.S., he knows you, he suffered through the Ghetto... and behind all his friendliness, he's pissed. BEWARE... to beat you out of some money, even a few dollars, is for this type, to
He’s lived in the U.S., he knows you, he suffered through the Ghetto… and behind all his friendliness, he’s pissed. BEWARE… to beat you out of some money, even a few dollars, is for this type, to “conquer” you.

the Ethiopians refusal to be colonized that has made keeping their dignity so expensive. The Italians have long been culprits … in either trying to take the land or instigate division within it. (Some say it was the the Italians who were behind the Eritrean/Ethiopian war of 1987 that cost Ethiopia $1 Million Dollars a DAY.)

Also factor in the Rothschild Western nations who continue to strive to “punish” any nation that they couldn’t conquer, rape and pillage. “War is Hell” and no one does war as much as the United States. Yet, Ethiopians by and large love the images and promises of America. So much so that they tend to side with the engineered opinions of white America over feeling sympathetic to African Americans.

There are days where the collective poverty of  Ethiopia seems to hang so heavy on the shoulders of these people that one can understand the jealousy and hatred directed at “rich” African Americans. The many black Americans who have made this proud nation their home have naturally had to learn the language and the culture, but also how to ingratiate themselves to the people. If your people skills are up to the challenge, then you will be met with a level of friendliness and openness you probably aren’t accustomed to.

There's no Social Security here.
There’s no Social Security here.openness that you may not have ever been accustomed to. If not, you’re going to have a hard time.

When you travel to any country, you have to remember that YOU are the foreigner. If you come from America or someplace like England, you will also have to factor in that the land you come from has been cruel to Africa and that the people are trying to reconcile that with your smile–as well as the fact that you have money in your pocket that they desire. You also must remember that some find your “rank” offensive and the way they try to maintain their dignity when they identify you as “American” (or other “Privileged” nations) and their reaction to you may seem childish and even irrational sometime. Remember, what they know about “America” comes widely from the television set … and Hollywood movies .. and you KNOW how they present blacks. Perhaps worse are the images they get from Hip Hop and Rap music videos.

The helpful taxi driver who’ll take you to hell and back before finding your destination … expecting an inflated fare

Be kind, be patient … realize that any country in the world you travel to is going to have the same types of people … and when the con-men, hustlers, crooks, and criminals identify you, you’ll be a target. The Ethiopian police and authorities do MUCH to keep you safe. (It’s one of the Top Ten Safest Places in the world to travel and live in… even though people are killed here just like everywhere else in the world.)

Make Ethiopian friends. It’s soooo easy to do here. Humble yourself to these humble people and they will like you. (Some will.) Realize that there have been family traumas as a result of the wars and poverty. Everyone doesn’t get the best education and in places like Addis Ababa, where 16 million people compete for survival, you’re going to run into some damaged people from time to time. Don’t take it personal. They act this way with each other. You aren’t special in receiving the mild level of negativity you may encounter once in a while. Also remember that there have been ASSHOLES from your country that got here before you. (Many jerks who aren’t tolerated where they are … travel.) So exercise balance. This trip is a great opportunity for me to work on being happy in the middle of the world’s unhappiness … while keeping my heart as open to the many wonders that far outweigh any negatives you’ll sidestep.

In a nation where there’s such a lack of opportunity… and were smart, beautiful people 20141225_113837have little to do with their time than sit around and think of how to gossip and hustle you out of some pocket change, everything is not going to be rosy. Exercise your ability to say, “No.” Have days where you decide that you will not give anyone any money no matter what. (Our dollar is so high against theirs that it’s easy to fall into the Santa Claus trap when you first arrive. Just remember, they will despise you more for being a fool if you do this. It’s a fine line to initially walk.) Just dance with it.