Poor and RichI should say, “Three Things Africans and African Americans Don’t Need!”
In 2015, if you’re living in a country where the VAST majority of your citizens are living in houses made of mud and straw walls … it’s obvious that tourist dollars would be welcomed relief. Dreams of an “African Renaissance,” will never fully materialize as long as there is:

  • Misogyny
  • EXTREME Feminism
  • Homophobia

Each of these issues are symptoms of greater emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems. To keep this entry short, I won’t attempt to go into either one deeply… so on just a common sense level, IT’S INSANE to embrace either of these if you want to attract tourist dollars.

This one has to be the craziest … and I think the Narcissism of Hip Hop has influenced this ego-based insanity. In Bahir Dar, Ethiopia… a tourist mecca… I saw scores of young men sitting around all day and night.. with their heads in their hands, depressed about their future as well has their jobless present. Their main “job” seemed to be picking on each other, pulling down those trying to succeed in life, and defending their wounded egos against tourist trying to bring them dollars.

So let’s forget that they obviously have no game. (Begging and stealing are no where near the highest forms of hustling.) Tribalism, ethnocentricy (only the 2d stage of human development) and unrecognized, untreated PTSD and generations of trauma, shame, and terror have left them ripe for the pimp game revisionist Christianity and Islam lays on them. Instead of building each other up, they are burdened with inaccurate, second century “laws” weigh them down with invisible religious chains full of hypocrisy and confusion. They end up pushing away tourist dollars instead of welcoming them. “Divide and Conquer”… the rich continue to exploit the poor, preachers in the pulpit continue to enslave the uninformed, and the politicians unwisely gloat while the ranks of those in poverty grow.

As long as there is gender inequality, it can be said that there will be a need for, Feminism. But, they don’t need Western “Nazi” Feminism. Blacks have been divided wherever there is difference. Therefore we need to heal and survive as a group.. not as parts of a group.

American “Gen X and Gen Next” shows us that we desperately need a “Rites of Passage” for both young black women and black men. We can’t compete by standing on each other… nor flourish with unchecked egos and resentments towards each other. We need to use the best parts of each other, rather than to compete in the futility of gender superiority. Functional people lift each other up… dysfunctional people tear each other down.

But we men do seem to enjoy the illusion of Misogyny. For 35+ years, young adolescent idiot boys have been calling women, “bitches, whores, and worse.”  OF COURSE this creates rage and resentment in women. Now we have “Hot Mess” where large numbers of black men and women are hating each other’s guts. We simply cannot have culture dictated by the lowest parts of ourselves. White supremest recording companies have been handing out fat contracts to mental midgets like “Too Short” and dysfunctional people like, Snoop Dog, Soldier Boy, and Jay-Z… who in pure Black Exploitation style, romanticize failure and criminality instead of achievement and emotional maturity, compassion, and stability. A house divided cannot stand. But there’s a bigger reason why these issues are pure suicide to black evolution…

African American tourism alone is a $48 Billion Dollar industry.
(This isn’t even factoring in Afro-Europeans and Afro-Latins.)
While many Africans are aware of this… apparently connecting the dots hasn’t hit the minds of many of the populace, politicians, nor clergy. Women and tourist in general typically go where it’s SAFE. Physically safe and emotionally safe. No one wants to pay good money to travel to

Make it safe, and the money will flow into your pockets. Fail to do so, and beg.
Make it safe, and the money will flow into your pockets

where there’s even more “haters” than where they just left!

Worse, LGBT travelers are a $200 Billion Dollar Tourist Industry!
Let’s get this right… if you’re living in a house made of mud and straw, working for pennies, begging, and your daughter is a prostitute and your son is an angry, lazy, depressed jerk… WHY are you’re telling the world you’re too good for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual tourist?

For real? Doctors and nurses who would volunteer to increase your levels of health avoid you like the plague because ignorant fools are going online saying that even if they were dying, they’d kill a doctor if they thought he was gay. Hence, what many Africans are telling the world is… they deserve to starve and die early. I don’t get it. Are today’s Africans so insecure that they think just being around a homosexual will make them a “homo?” Then … WHO has the problem?? Homophobia is a “PHOBIA” … fear. FEAR… of what? Something lurking within yourself? Like ALL successful countries, Africans need to use the talents of all their people to compete in the 21st Century.

Tourist agencies of the governments as well as police and civic agencies need to work to create not only “Diaspora Friendly” consciousness, but also women and gay friendly consciousness if they don’t want to see all those dollars diverted to Europe or Asia.

An angry mob in Ghana recently beat a heterosexual brother because they thought he was homosexual. Consciousness was higher in the 2d Century!

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”
If you have large segments of the population sitting around doing nothing, put brooms in their hands and get them to start sweeping the dusty streets in preparation for hordes of tourist coming to see how beautiful their towns or cities are.

But who will write the campaigns that motivate this
change of consciousness?

That’s right… the sensitive artists, poets, writers, and musicians … many of whom are typically gay, lesbian, bisexual or even transsexual. Yep. The very homosexuals that WRONG Christian theology and crazy, egotistical, paranoid homophobes persecute are just the people needed for the job. Ironic?

Who are the major players for dominance, money, and power in the world today? Europeans and Asians … both of whom use all parts of their society to move themselves forward. Advertising agencies, art, movies and media are all packed with minds that feel the “Divine Feminine” stronger than typical male and female minds do. Addis Ababa is the capital of the African Union, yet they depend on the more diverse and pluralistic cultures of Kenya and South Africa for their advertising content.

20150114_154509They preach that they are such a Christian nation … and that they have such pious Muslims … but EVERY sunset, the streets are filled with women who HAVE to prostitute themselves because there’s such a lack of jobs and training. Hypocrites who don’t even know that the Bible is a coded, allegorical document of YOUR mind. “Be not of the letter, for the letter kills.” It’s not written to be read literally… and it says it!

Get wise. The Norman Conquest proved that if I control any part of you– then I control YOU. Jesus NEVER spoke against homosexuality … in fact, his only words that are contributed to him say the opposite. (Clicking on the quote below will take you to a website that further list the 6 things Jesus “said” on the topic.)

“Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.” (Matthew 19:11-12)

The rest of the Old Testament teachings [INCLUDING Sodom and Gomorrah“] are coded, allegorical stores that even Apostle Paul instructed never to read literally. You have to know the code to get the true meaning… and pimps in the pulpit won’t be telling you that any time so. So use the information of the ages that is at your fingertips to explore scholars like Bill Donahue to find out the real truth and … I pray… that black people.. the world over… will increasingly begin divorcing themselves from the bondage of dogma organized religion has shoved at us, and open our hearts and minds to the world … thus inviting the world to bring their talents and their money into our lives.

The Roman Empire never died. They just added,
The Roman Empire never died. They just added, “Holy” in front of it.