Today is 2 March 2016.

By all signs, this is an, “Auspicious” period of history.
Levels of value systems are rising. Those not ready are calling for, “MORE ENERGY TO THE FORCE FIELDS!” (i.e. Donald Trump followers.)

Fanon Cognition

I think we’ve passed the point of cognitive dissonance. Socially Engineered thought and the fears created by the ignorance of literal thinking Fundamentalist (… who don’t even begin to understand the scriptures they supposedly believe in…) have brought us to the brink of fascism (*again*). On the other hand, there is a calling … perhaps symbolized by the rapidly expanding and corresponding reaction of love and compassion (symbolized by the, “Age of Aquarius“) that can’t be denied. Every age begins, and every age ends.

Stir up society

“The last item—the occasional trip into realms labeled madness—can mean, especially if you are a writer, that you are given to telling the unvarnished, brutal, searing truth, whether society likes it or not. And not the Sylvia Plath look-at-me kinds of truth, but the spiritual-seer and mad-shaman types of truth, the truths that really hurt, the truths that get into society’s craw and stick there, causing festering metaphysical sores indicative of social cancers or worse—but also the types of truth that speak to you deeply, authentically, radiantly, if you have the courage to listen” ~ Ken Wilber

I constantly censor myself because of the fear and confusion that arises from interacting with the bulk of society. There are reasons why so many grown men have gone up to  Montana, and are building bunkers in the ground–in preparation for the, “Zombie apocalypse” when they could be using all that time, money, and energy to fix the problems they’re supposedly running from.

The anxiety that comes from fighting the uncontrollable changes pushing up into conscious mind can create alarming results–especially in people who have no experience nor awareness that they even connected to the one, Collective Unconsciousness. The only constant in the Universe is change… and people can no more fight change than they can fight nature … nor the material lurking in their own subconscious.

“I have one major rule: Everybody is right. More specifically, everybody — including me — has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace.”
Ken Wilber

Dr. M. Scott Peck wrote: “Mental health is synonymous with spiritual health.”
According to Peck and others, at least a third of people who are mentally ill are really spiritually ill.. and likewise, a third of the people who are physically ill are actually spiritually ill. (Ever have problems with your Chakras being out of balance?)

Looking at the increased substance abuse, addiction, and mental illness in the West, it’s clear that our old systems aren’t filling the need to give meaning to many who find themselves being pulled by the forces of change. Identity issues abound. Birth can be painful if we insist on holding onto out-worn values that no longer serve you. The apocalypse that many fear–for now–is inside them.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ken Wilber, but you’re intrigued by what he says, then just keep watching his videos and you’ll begin to get him. Here’s how the Wikipedia page introduces him:Kenneth EarlKenWilber II (born January 31, 1949) is an American writer on transpersonal psychology and his own Integral Theory,[1] a four-quadrant grid which suggests to synthesize all human knowledge and experience.”

I don’t know about you, but the first time I read that, I experienced a bit of whiplash.
His four-quadrant theory is color coded and there are graphs for everything. (After all, he’s attempted to synthesize ALL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE … and EXPERIENCE! )

I think I’m basically writing this entry to serve notice that I’m about to dive into the part of the pool … and that if what you read from here on alarms you, feel rewarded because either a Shadow projection is surfacing, or an inner complex that comes with the baggage of the value level you’re on is now threatened. (Which means… you’re now being given the opportunity to process your values and move upwards to higher ones… or remain where you are. It’s your choice. But normally, “the toothpaste can never be squeezed back into the tube.”

“The truth will not necessarily set you free, but truthfulness will.”
~Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything 

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