Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.46.22 AMOkay… I remembered the horrible images of Katrina … and all the thousands of unprepared people who suffered. And I realize that if I live in on the West Coast that I should have a plan if there’s a major earthquake… and if I live in Oklahoma, that I should prepare for tornadoes, or on the gulf coast, hurricanes … blizzards in the Northeast … etc..

But I began to notice how depressed I felt if I watched too many…. especially in a row. First of all…. there isn’t going to be any, “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.” Zombies don’t exist except on movie screens and in fantasy books…. wait.. and in the mind of the phobic and the bigoted. Those “Zombies” are your neighbors and your neighbors are the Number One resource to surviving a catastrophe or hard times.

There are over three million “Preppers” buying stuff they’ll never use, and at least a million more thinking about following suit. Yes, I now have a “bug out bag” (…. that I’ll take to the nearest motel …) and an emergency kit in my vehicle… but that’s enough. Think about how all that money, time, and effort being spent, could instead, improve the quality of life in the cities and towns these “adults” live in. When I think about all the kids who’d love to have an adult take them camping or show them outdoor skills and these videos, over time, I found myself depressed and drained of energy.

Wherever there’s a problem– there’s a solution, right?!? So instead of drifting off into fantasy and avoidance… taa daaaa! Motivation videos!!