First 24 Hours into the “Escape from North Carolina.” 13119033_10153983696575973_4952818609088538934_n
I loved that 10 acre farm… that house of sanctuary… but life is to be lived and not tolerated. Such a repressed place filled with pain, generational anger, and ignorance… I am grateful for what I learned there.

The South is a rejoin filled with contradictions …. like compassion and extreme bigotry. Ignorance (for the many) and intelligence… for the few. The Bible Belt is home to some of the greatest self-righteous hypocrites alive. The landscape of North Carolina is absolutely beautiful– yet much of the “tradition” it holds dear is utterly ugly.  13100965_10153983688710973_3136017825801342441_n

It feels GOOD to be free again.. to be back on the road … “The Traveler”. I intentionally spent last night at a TA Truck stop at Exit 141, Highway 75, in Kentucky.

The price of showers has only gone up $3.00 since I stopped driving OTR. The amenities are newer. But approaching the Blue Ridge mountains, the beauty of this large nation still waits patiently to be enjoyed, strangers, met, and adventures experienced. Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 2.29.41 AM.png