Wyoming is yet another … “Different” state.
A morning trip to Starbucks … spotted this old guy in a white shirt, bow tie, bullet proof vest, assault rifle, and pistol. He had enough ammo to defend the Alamo. What possibly could be that much of a threat at the downtown Cheyenne Starbucks?? … besides him that is…


.. and all this is legal in Wyoming.

Another guy walked in with a Tee-Shirt that read: “Conquer Everything.”

Everything? 13124790_10153995771215973_2583355944089663189_n
He looked a bit nervous. Must keep him real busy….

Jung viewed every man as having an inner female within his psyche, and every woman as having an inner male. As we age, the task is to integrate these two forces. We don’t HAVE to integrate, but I believe it makes life a lot smoother.

Somewhere in our late 50s, nature gives us out last chance to bring it all together. If we do, our personality mellows into the kindly old Grandfather archetype. If we don’t …. we get stuck in fantasy … traveling to Thailand where they drink whisky in the middle of the HOT tropical day, get all their money taken, and the girl’s boyfriends throw them off the roof…. or become the crusty old geezer like self-appointed “Sheriff Rambo Dan” up there in the top picture.