When reports that Donald Trump was 91% likely to become our new president came in, I screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-3-34-18-pmhad a brief and fleeting thought about being an expat again. But I’ve tried that. Thailand… Ethiopia. I’ve been to Canada and despite its beauty, I recognized both its “otherness” and its white supremacy… so why “escape” to yet another frying pan when the one I’m in holds more perks for me?

Knowing the importance of “mind maintenance” …. of controlling my thoughts and emotions, I went into meditation and afterwards found myself humored by the prospect of the next four years being some of the funniest of my life. With a cast of characters like this… a pimping salesman who’d sold snake oil to the nation was now the President and 27 million white “Evangelical Christians” had deemed his nude posing, pole dancing wife “Holy” enough to be First Lady… well, how could this not be the start of an hilarious fiasco??

Donald Trump has made a career putting the shaft to the little guy, and now those idiots actually believe that this pimp is going to “save them” and bestow riches into their ignorant, greedy, brainwashed greasy hands. Amazing.

I had to see more.

I got in the car and drove to the airbase gas station/convenience store. I figured there’d be hordes of strutting Tea Party- white supremacist -Conservative types in there grinning. Apparently it was too early because there was only a the young female Hispanic cashier, a few dour looking young Airmen, and a tall retired black man and his teenage son. I placed my bag of popcorn on the counter and asked if she’d heard about our new president. She said no… then suspiciously asked if he’d won. By now he’d had and I laughed about the horrible mistake these fools had just made. The tall retired military black man looked offended and his son did too. This made me laugh harder.

The press keeps harping on the demographic of “un-educated white men” being the reason Donald Trump is in office…. but the fact is, there were blacks, Asians, women, and shockingly Hispanics who voted for this narcissistic snake too.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook meme stating the last time Republicans controlled the Senate,

Actually the last time the GOP controlled all three branches was between 2001 and 2007. By the end of Bush’s tenure we had a financial crisis and global economic meltdowns.

Actually the last time the GOP controlled all three branches was between 2001 and 2007. By the end of Bush’s tenure we had a financial crisis and a global economic meltdown. So partly right on that score.

Judiciary, and Presidency was in 1928… a year before the Stock Market crash that led to the Great Depression. Someone immediately corrected that “internet fact” by stating that Republicans had controlled all three more recently—the years that led up to the end of the Bush Administration and the beginning of the Great Recession that the Obama Administration had pulled us out of. Now these television watching, wanna-be-in-the-car idiots had just returned to eat from the same slop they’d vomited up eight years ago. Utter brilliance.

Worst still is how so many veterans and active duty military personnel are enthralled by Trump and the Republican Party that has been trying HARD to steal the Veterans Hospitals. The VA has a treasure the greed in their eyes are lusting for. The military records held by the VA goes back before World War One. That means their worth BILLIONS in research dollars. Ted Cruz consistently told Republicans to “Defund, defund, defund… then privatize”. Now… there’s nothing stopping them. Republicans are guilty of the deaths of hundreds of military veterans waiting for specialist the VA Hospitals were too poor to hire. If they steal our VA under the guise that privatization is better, we will be provided LESS care and individual veterans will pay more for it. I-D-I-O-T-S.