I ran across an article posted on Facebook that called for a boycott of 35 stores. In today’s world where Public Relations disguises itself as journalism, it bodes readers well to check out the source and in this case, attempt to discern, “Who is “Business Insider” and if they’re really against Donald Trump or merely posting another marketing campaign designed to drum up business from politically apathetic readers

“Business Insider is a German-owned American news website that also operates international editions in Australia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Italy, and the UK. It also operates a local language German and Polish news site.” ~BI Boilerplate

So Business Insider is an industry Blog with tech and other business interests.The article was written by Kate Taylor, a retail reporter who previously covered food and franchises for Entrepreneur. Really? So what’s in it for Business INSIDER … an online blog that sells advertising and seeks influence? While I don’t disagree with the article nor the “Boycott,” I question at least one retailer being on the list simply because of WHY Kate Taylor and BI says they’re “the enemy”…

The e-commerce giant carries both Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump merchandise, from the book “The Art of the Deal” to Ivanka Trump’s shoe line.

For what it’s worth, some Trump supporters on Reddit have also called for a boycott of Amazon because CEO Jeff Bezos said he wants to send Trump to space. The CEO has also said the president-elect “erodes our democracy around the edges.”

If they’d just stopped by stating that they carry these creep’s products, that would have been enough… but wanting to send Trump into space? That’s GOOD… as long as there’s not enough fuel to bring him back… and that line about, eroding our democracy… c’mon … we HAVE no “Democracy.” We clearly live in a Corporate Oligarchy that at best was once a Republic … but NEVER a true democracy. So is competition also a part of the spin here?

Low Income Range Stores

Surprisingly, many of these companies market to lower economic shoppers. These are stores like, Marshalls, TJ Maxx,, Burlington Coat Factory, and DSW.

We need to stop paying rich people to oppress us. You can do without shopping at these stores until they get the message to stop they get the message to stop selling Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump’s shoes, clothing, perfumes, and handbags. And speaking of messages, a short note to the company’s headquarters or even store managers speaks volumes in letting them know their bottom line is being affected negatively by carrying Trump products.

Middle Income Range Shores

6pm retailer carries Ivanka Trump’s lines of shoes, clothing, and accessories.
Other stores in this category include, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Dillard’s.
[See full list and story here]

High End Stores

There are plenty of high-end retailers (and those who appeal to high-end shoppers) like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Off Fifth, but there are also Scion Hotels, Trump Golf Courses, Trump Hotels, Trump Winery (and its products) that should be boycotted too. Some of these stores and service providers need not be boycotted forever—just until they get the message to stop selling his and Ivanka Trump’s shoes, clothing, perfumes, and handbags.

The Resistance Begins

Many THINKING people are alarmed and ask, “WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP TRUMP!?!” … but when you tell them that they need to take their money out o the big banks (especially those that finance the Standing Rock Pipeline and want us all to eventually be forced to buy clean drinking water from people like the sociopathic CEO of Nestle)… then you see many of them balk.. because they seem to dislike the idea of even the most minor inconvenience.

Yet, this is a big step in taking back power from what has obviously become a Corporate Oligarchy intent on reducing everyone to feudal serfs … I mean… the remaining segment of the population that hasn’t already been reduced to corporate serfs. Adding fascism, and the type of misogyny, racism, and homophobia that clearly is intended to create distraction (from their thievery) and fear in the populace cannot be tolerated. We must give that fear back to these utterly dysfunctional fucks.