Q: Why does a man wear black at his wedding? charmaine-trad4-4-e1404321178784
A: It’s a DEATH Ceremony.

You died to the old single … “bon vivant” … man-about-town (playa) and are reborn to your wife in white.

[NOTE: She’s not wearing white because she’s a LITERAL virgin…. in African folklore, a woman could have 11 children, but if she is a good mother, a good neighbor, and a good wife, every child born to through her is as if .. “born to a virgin.”]

You cleave to each other and become a team. Traditionally her domain is the home. The minute the first child is born, you become Number 3. The next, Number 4… then 5… etc…

On Mother’s Day, she gets all the nice gifts… you MIGHT get a pair of socks on Father’s Day. Maybe you start feeling neglected and discounted… but don’t go get a side piece. That’s TROUBLE. So what do you do with your feelings? Well… you go where there’s other men who know their job… for instance, you join a Lodge.

To HUSBAND is to take stress OFF the family.
“Baby… you need some milk?”
(… sheer chaos is going on…)
“Yes… PLEASE!” she yells back.

You get in the car and get some milk. Maybe you stop at the lodge on the way. See… your “Legacy” is not those children. This is where a lot of brothers mess up. No..your LEGACY is what they SE you doing from the time they’re born to the time they have their first child.

“When there was no job, my Daddy MADE a job!”

This is when YOU get YOUR prize.
This is when you’ve earned your “Silver Crown.”
“After a black man turns 50, he’s a treasure,” … if he has been doing his job.

Your children tell their kids to get in the car.
Q: “where we going daddy?”
A: “we’re going to go see Paw-paw …. hurry up.”

THEY LOVE YOUR STINKY DRAWERS … because you did your job! You kept them with you as much as possible. You took as much stress off the family as could humanly do. You looked at your kids IN THE EYE with love and affection during the first 7 years of life… and so did your wife… thus enabling their self-resilience to form.

That lodge teaches you how to build your house.
There are many types of houses, but there is an archetypal house, and after you learn how to build it to your liking, then you’re ready to teach others.

At this point, you become an architect.
When you’re an architect, you start teaching others how to build their houses. After they’ve built there’s, you’re now ready to have your shrine built… and you become a “Shriner.”

def… Husband:Manager; to manage, especially with prudent economy….protect and support not only his wife and children, but servants and animals of his domain, and the father
to Husband is to Serve.