School Privatization–Vouchers
After Sweden, privatized their schools — just as Betsy DeVos is now spearheading here in the United States– their country’s PISA scores dropped sharply during the next 10 years. They had a great system… free preschool, formal school at seven, no fee-paying private schools, no selection…and they traded that for a voucher system responsible for global scholastic achievement rankings (Pisa scores) drop more sharply than those of any other participating country– from close to average to significantly below average.

Why did they do it? In a 1955 article titled “The Role of the Government in Education,” Milton Friedman advocated for a system in which governments would issue vouchers to parents that would be redeemable toward tuition payments at a private school of their choice. But the only thing privatized schools did was produce less educated students and increase the divide between Have’s and Have-Nots. Good old Milton struck again.

Water Privatization
Water privatization has failed worldwide. In 1999, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) proposed a vast expansion of safe, clean water in Lagos, Nigeria. The idea that international companies can make a profit in Third World countries has only prolonged the suffering of people in those nations.

In his 2013 article, writer Paul Buchheit list the “8 Ways Privatization Has Failed America,” yet rich bastards in Congress continue to push it. In his must read article, he lists, water, health care, Internet, TV, and phone, transportation, prisons, and BANKING.

Privatization is Globalization for the Super Rich
… and it’s a disaster… a parasite that eventually eats its host from the inside out. Privatization is Globalization. Privatization is Monopoly. Privatization is Corruption.
Privatization is Cruel GREED on Steroids.

Privatization in Spain
Privatization brought Spain to its knees. After an extremely long crisis and seeing its  economy and welfare state destroyed by austerity policies, Spanish citizen movements  organized to run for the elections and threw the bums out. Their goal was remunicipalization of public services, including water, is one of their key targets.  The people said the political parties that ruled the country for decades were involved in a series of corruption scandals that reminded them of Franco.
Argentina, Ireland, Greece …
Over and over countries have shown that Privatization doesn’t work… yet Donald Trump and his crooked cronies are pushing gullible Americans deeper and deeper into it.

Mike Pence and Privatization
In 2006, the Indiana Turnpike was privatized in a lease agreement that was predicted to solve all the state’s highway problems. The Washington Post published a first hand article by Marilyn Goodwin in which she related her experience with Gov. Pence’s privatized Turnpike:

“We traveled the entire width of the state in 2015, we learned that the prediction was wrong. The condition of the road itself was deplorable, and the service plazas were even worse. As we entered the hallways to the restrooms, the smell of urine greeted us long before we saw the toilets. Many of the toilets and sinks were “out of order” and the entire area just reeked.”


In a 1991 Harvard Business Review article titled, “Does Privatization Serve The Public Interest,” writers John B. Goodman and  Gary W. Loveman  listed the obvious potential failures that can occur when government services and agencies are sold to private companies to serve the public interests.

… the key question is under what conditions will managers be more likely to act in the public’s interest. The debate over privatization needs to be viewed in a larger context and recast more in terms of the recent argument that has raged in the private sector over mergers and acquisitions. Like the mergers and acquisitions issue, privatization involves the displacement of one set of managers entrusted by the shareholders—the citizens—with another set of managers who may answer to a very different set of shareholders.”

Our “Government” has NEVER been a true “democracy”, but it WAS a Republic. Reaganomics ushered in a redistribution of wealth that destroyed the Keynesian economy that not only saved U.S. Capitalism after the The Wall Street Crash of 1929, brought the United States into the Great Depression. During the 1930s, British economist John Maynard Keynes advocated increased government expenditures and lower taxes to stimulate demand and pull the global economy out of the Depression. 

Given enough time, all political systems eventually become Oligarchies. (i.e. Russia at the present moment.)

So not only is Privatization corrupt monopoly, it is Globalization because ONLY rich International Oligarchs have the money to afford buying buildings, goods and services that national agencies provide.

But their unchecked greed has gone even further.
We’re now in an even worse area labeled,Disaster Market Economy … and Pence who was one of the architects of the Hurricane Katrina “response” is right in the middle of.

They’ve now moved us pass the criminal greed of Reaganomics “redistribution” of wealth … a trickle down pissing all over us. Thom Hartman’s video, “The Crash of 2016” list all the conservative books and theories made by spoiled, baby-fed, self-centered RICH Republicans who want it all. (He’s since updated the information to one titled: “The Crash of 2017″.)

Hence, I STRONGLY advise people to turn OFF their brainwashing televisions, get the ear buds out of their ears, and begin TALKING with each other. The most “revolutionary” thing people can do at this time (… and the best thing for overall mental health…) is to begin building coalition among diverse groups. Since we’re all getting screwed, we might as well love ourselves and each other out of the increasingly grim future the sociopathic rich have planned for us.