The Archetype of “The Old King” … resides in the personal psyche …  in the collective unconscious, and  plays itself out in organizations and governments. It is an archetype that demands the integration of the rational side of the psyche with the irrational side.

The human psyche is capable of grasping the knowledge of the Universe … instead … we want to focus on some small aspect of life … like the Civil War … a long ago death “Tradition” strives to resurrect.

“Every organization is like a Kingdom.”bcaafbe4991fb0f99005afb1c782ea8b.jpg
Great new vigorous ideas come forth at the beginning.
when it petrifies. This is when it becomes an “Old King” … that must die so a New King can be installed.

It was thus in ancient Egypt.
It looks like grasping onto old ideas about religion and myths is killing us because we make ourselves, “The Old King.”

Likewise, the “Old King” is also empires, cultures, large successful corporations … when they get old… when they are unable to grow … when their natures have become too Conservative … and everything is focused on maintaining the old order of things, and a constant spurting of new rules and laws are made up to keep the old order … “The Old King” … in place… then the Old King must die because no transformation or creativity is possible and the organism has to die so that a “New King” can be installed.

This (above) is an excellent video!