“After watching this you will never look at Trump
the same way again”

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“Right after Donald Trump took office, the public’s initial impressions of the new president are strongly felt, deeply polarized and far more negative than positive.
while all presidents dating back to Ronald Reagan initially attracted at least modest support from the opposing party and people Trump gets almost none. By far the lowest rating for any new president from the opposing party in more than three decades.
Betting markets put the odds of a Trump impeachment or resignation at around 48%
In the history of the US presidency, only three men—Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton—have ever been impeached or resigned. But gamblers are already betting on a fourth. Ladbrokes, an online betting site, gives about a 48% chance that Donald Trump will leave office by being impeached or resigning within the year. Before it happens, let’s check out…

10 Facts Donald Trump Wishes We’d Forget:

1) An affair with his daughter?

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.01.50 PM
“This is not confirmed fact but many people are talking about Jóse Ribalta, Trump Tower employee , who used to perform janitorial and maintenance duties at Trump Tower. He allegedly witnessed Trump being aggressive and intimate with his daughter.

“Mr. Ribalta was doing a routine check of the building when he accessed Mr. Trumps room and witnessed Donald Trump kissing his daughters neck aggressively.
Trump spotted Ribalta watching the event occur and yelled at him. Mr. Ribalta claimed that he shouted “you better get out or I’ll kick your *ss all the way back to the border myself!

Ribalta then claims he exited the room and left for the night. He is no longer employed at Trump Tower.


2) Three Wives
“Yep, Donald Trump has had 3 wives: Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and current spouse, Melania Trump. That much you probably already knew. However, his 3 marriages, as you’re about to find out, haven’t been without controversy…

3) ‘Violent Assault’ on Ex-Wife

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“During the early ’90s divorce case between Ivana and Donald Trump, Trump’s ex-wife used the word “rape” to describe a 1989 incident between them. After undergoing a botched scalp reduction surgery to remove a bald spot, Donald Trump “violently assaulted” his then-wife, who had recommended him to the plastic surgeon. Donald allegedly restrained Ivana and painfully ripped her hair from her scalp before forcing himself upon her.

4) Donald Trump was a badly behaved kid

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“After Donald Trump was kicked out of Kew-Forest School, his father sent him to military school. It is worthy to note that his father was on Kew-Forest School’s Board of Trustees, so you can only imagine the gravity of his offence.

5) Secret Family Scandal
“Donald Trump is proud to be a Scottish descendant, but fails to reveal the secret of his family. Apparently, the billionaire’s unmarried aunt fell pregnant with an illegitimate child in the early 1900s and during those times, untimely pregnancy is a huge taboo. This then led for Catherine Ann Macleod and her sister Mary Anne (Trump’s mother) to leave Scotland and set up a home in the United States.

6) Trump Vodka
“Who deserves a seat in the oval office more than a brash booze peddler? In 2006, Trump introduced the world to Trump Vodka. The spirit was touted as being “super premium” and “success distilled”. The very modest Mr. Trump predicted that the “T&T” (Trump and tonic) would become the most requested drink in America…behind the Trump martini of course. Trump told Larry King that he got into the Vodka business to outdo his friends at Grey Goose. Well, as of last weekend I can verify that Grey Goose is still being served in bars. Trump vodka is as likely to show up on store shelves as a Michael Vick Wheaties box. Sadly, Trump vodka stopped production because the company failed to meet the threshold requirements. In 2011 Trump’s company filed an injunction to prevent an Israeli company from selling the vodka without the Donald’s authorization. So in essence, the man who wants to have the most influence on the economy of the western world stopped the only people on the planet who wanted to buy his vodka from doing so. Sounds like solid economics.

7) (not) Made In America
“Quoth the Donald: “The problem with our country is we don’t manufacture anything anymore. The stuff that’s been sent over from China,falls apart after a year and a half. It’s crap.” How about this charmer: “The United States has become a dumping ground for Mexico and, in fact, for many other parts of the world.” These aren’t snippets that are taken out of context. These are very deliberate and derogatory statements made about two of the largest manufacturing nations with which the U.S. trades. Enter the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection. This series of ties and other men’s apparel were made in the good ol’ US of…wait…no. Actually, the Trump Signature Collection was made in the good ol’ Bangladesh, Mexico and, of course, China. Trump later tweeted a comment about being unhappy with the product coming from overseas, but sure didn’t mind it when his ties were costing pennies on the dollar.

8) Trump Airlines
“What could be more luxurious than top-of-the-line air travel? That must be what Trump thought when he dumped $365 million into purchasing Eastern Air Shuttle. After fancying up the 17 Boeing 727 jets (which included maple-wood veneer to the floors, chrome seat-belt latches and gold-colored bathroom fixtures), the company went bust. Apparently, even wealthy frequent flyers were more concerned with convenience than extravagance. Trump Airlines sold less tickets than Bill Cosby’s last tour, and in less than four years Trump defaulted on the loan and ownership of the company was turned over to the creditors. In 1992 the airline merged with another company. Probably not much of a chance the gold bathroom fixtures survived the merger.

9) The Bankruptcies
“Donald Trump claims to hate the “B” word. Hate it or not, he can’t deny that his gilded career has also been fraught with a few bankruptcies. In the August 6th Republican debate, Trump claimed that “virtually every person that you read about on the front page of the business sections, they’ve used the law”. If only historical data backed that claim. In reality, fewer than 20% of public companies with assets of $1 billion or more have filed for bankruptcy. Now, while the Donald has never filed for personal bankruptcy, he has filed a whopping four times for his businesses. The most recent of these was in 2009 when Trump filed Chapter 11 for Trump Entertainment Resorts. While his name is still emblazoned on the building, Trump resigned from the resort’s board of directors and sold off his shares. Perhaps that’s his plan if elected president: Should the economy tank he will pack up his gold-plated stapler from the oval office, cut himself a nice severance check, and skip town. Sounds legit.

10) The Affair
“Many of the items on this list can and have been explained away by Donald Trump as being “misunderstandings”, “out of context” or “distorted”. He can say that his bankruptcies were deliberate business decisions. He can spin his China and Mexico comments. The one thing Trump cannot spin, is his affair with former mistress (and eventual second wife) Marla Maples. The reality is, while Donald’s first wife Ivana was taking less of a role in their business affairs to spend more time with their three children, Trump was secretly having an affair with a woman 17 years his junior. Sources close to Trump and Maples claim that the affair became so out of control that he was giving Maples money and gifts to keep her quiet. These sources also say that when Trump traveled with his wife and kids, he had to book hotel rooms nearby for Maples so that he could escape and spend time with his mistress. Despite the Donald’s efforts to keep his marriage and affair going, the wife and the girlfriend crossed paths on the ski slopes in Aspen (whether this was accidental or deliberate is up for debate). Ivana soon separated from Trump and a messy, quite public divorce then ensued. In what was likely an attempt to save face, Donald married Marla Maples and had another child with her. In no surprise to anyone, this marriage only lasted six years before Maples divorced Trump and rode off into the sunset as a millionaire and the mother of the heir to the Trump throne. Donald, who stands in support of “traditional marriage”, has been surprisingly timid when challenged about how traditional his three marriages have been. It’s the only thing in his campaign about which he’s been timid. Surely, anything that makes Donald Trump humble is something he’d like for us to forget.