If you’re a Black man … make no mistake about it… you’re at war.
In fact, you’re surrounded. But don’t despair, because this–for you–for you, is great opportunity. See… you ARE your ancestors and every cell in your body is their wisdom and skill talking to you, telling you: “We’ve been here before.”

We have the road map, and many of the tactics. True, some need to be updated, but being surrounded at this time is indeed a great opportunity to make new alliances with allies–most of whom are mad and angry at each other… because “Divide and Conquer” has indeed done it’s job.

POWER – What Is It?

There are three definitions of power that are applicable to us today:

“Power is the ability to define a person’s reality and have that person accept that definition as if it were their own.” ~ Michael Foucualt

“Power is your ability to influence the world around you towards your best interests.” ~ James Hillman

“Money, is power.” ~Needleman

At this time bro… it’s CLEAR you do NOT need no more break dancing, blunts, broads, or booze. You need a PLAN. And while you don’t need “broads” … having a GOOD woman is extremely valuable … but you’ll only acquire one if you know your plan and show it to her so she can see if she wants to buy in. Same is true if you’re gay or lesbian.

If you roll up your sleeves and begin working towards getting smart, you’ll find your greatest pains and traumas will become our greatest gifts. WORD: This is not the 1960’s and you’re not a part of “Trump’s America.” And unless you want your future address to be “D Block” you’ll turn OFF that TV, put those video games away, because we truly are now living in days of Corporate Fascism … and if you don’t start doing things differently, it’s likely you’ll spend time in a tent city, a privatized prison, or a mental ward.

Things You “Should” Let Go Of

  • Television and all the “things” that Materialism and Consumerism says will bring you happiness.
  • Trying to get a job. The Corrupt Corporate Fascist are consistently disempowering the American worker. They view you as a potential threat… morally, physically, and intellectually. Forget about any ideas of “fairness” or “Democracy.” What you need is leverage. PLAN ON MAKING A JOB for yourself… and building relationships with others as you do it.
  • Getting High as a hobby. There is nothing of great value to be found at the bottom of a gin bottle nor in a Crack pipe. Addiction is about PAIN. Pain is about something loss. What’s lost is a sense of yourself. “Recovery” is finding what’s lost… like putting a patch on a bicycle tire … then riding on.
  • Old Time Religion. We are a spiritual people … but enough with not understanding that the Bible is an ALLEGORICAL text coded with symbols, numerology, astrology and even a bit of science. Taken literally, it oppresses — represses. Limits. There are plenty of scholars on the internet who’ll decode it for you and allow you to be empowered by a new understanding of what it all means. Every government is encouraging their religious leaders to teach the extreme Right … narrow “Fundamental” … Traditionalist version of it’s meaning. In Iran, the Ayatollahs clearly state they want to take the country back to the 7th Century. Take the good of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism … and leave the man-made traps. Stop depending on Pimps in Pulpits. LEARN MORE.
  • Homophobia. We need the gifts and talents of all our people. When you allow, “Divide and Conquer” or your own inner fears to rule your inner world, you set up foundations in your psyche that act as complexes that backfire on you. As shrewd businessmen and women, you need to rise above adolescent phobias and get your money on.
  • Misogyny. The goal is to carry on our genes… not end up in a concentration camp. You do this by telling the world how great your sister is… not by tearing her down. When you use and abuse your women, you show the world you’re a fool.
  • Black Feminism. Tricky one because sexism still exist and there’s a LOT of stupid, childish, ignorant men in the world who have never learned how to be a husband or good father. (See my past post on “Why Men Wear Black At a Wedding.”) That said, BLACK MEN do not have a SYSTEM that denies women fair pay in jobs or equal treatment in the culture. (Except that antiquated, hypocritical Church.) We don’t need a Patriarchal nor a Matriarchal system. We need to pull together as partners in rebuilding our lives and our culture.
  • Resentment. Belligerence. It’s going to take shelving our Egos to shrewdly get out of this one. We need to build allies with other groups. (They’re trying to keep their nuts out of the sand… they don’t need more ignorant heat coming down on them.) You can never get past any issue without forgiveness, acceptance, and taking full responsibility for getting yourself into it.
  • Yelling and Fighting With Cops. There’s no future in it. Shut up and lawyer up. Comply. You’re dealing with psychopaths. If an “officer” is talking calmly and you sense he or she will listen to a reasonable explaination, give it. Short version. Know that they can use anything to lock you up if you want to. And don’t run. Tired of reading about y’alls funerals.
  • Bling. Credit Cards, Mercedes, Courvoisier, brand name clothes, fancy watches… If you ain’t rich, stop trying to pretend you are. SAVE and INVEST your money. Money flows through our fingers like water. A great nation is a Manufacturing nation. The International Bankers are taking as much manufacturing out of this country’s hands as possible. That leaves a space for you. Everyone doesn’t need to go to college… but if you have MATH SKILLS, engineering is awesome. (More important than soft-ware engineering.) We are a brilliant, INTELLIGENT people. They want to make Debt Slaves out of you. AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE.
  • Crime. I’m not saying that we don’t need a Criminal Class just like every other group has… but does it have to be you? (Oh, and them “criminals” need to either EDUCATE themselves, or accept their thinking is skewed and find out what is functional and what is dysfunctional to lessen the effects of self-destruction.) For most people, ending up in prison the FIRST time, is a wrap. One of the most important things to learn in life is how to Nurture and Be Nurtured. Prison is slavery.
  • Rapper’s Values. Is it a coincident that people without a high school education are the first to want to tell others how to live? Morality is subjective… but you can’t build with people you can’t trust. You must first build character, trustworthiness before you can evolve beyond its confines. Adolescence doesn’t end until age 30. After that, you can hopefully see beyond “DRAMA”. (If not, seek help and turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.)
  • Fear of Work. I was talking with a young Millennial the other day. He summed up his generation as: “Everybody wants to eat, but nobody wants to cook.” I see a lot of hard working young people… but there’s a lot of lazy ones too. Don’t give into Fatalism. Get a simple 18 month or 2-year AA Degree in business and hustle legally. Put that hard work into building your own business. If you find another person who is trustworthy and will WORK with you, you WILL make some money. Stop being afraid of the unknown.

Leave your home if there’s no work in that city. There’s a ton of ways to get a truck driver’s license. After age 25, take two years out of your young life and get paid for traveling the country and seeing how many ways it is to make a living. (BTW, women are some of the best truck drivers. It’s no longer about muscle–it’s a skill.) If you find yourself sweeping streets, “Count It All Joy” and head for a J.C. that teaches Horticulture and get an 18 month certificate that allows you to have a LICENSE. Then as you’re walking, notice the stores and large businesses with grounds that need caring for… plants and shrubs that need attending. Take PRIDE in your work and watch the coins come flowing in.

More later.