“Few of the messages we received are unique to Jews or Judaism. But just as we take credit as a community for the ways Jews and Judaism do good in the world, we need to own the ways we fall short.”


Yes! Great article in the “Jerusalem Post“. Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the US Government … and it’s also largely controlled by Jewish men (and women) who use the same blacklisting and controlling behaviors that they use against Palestinians and Blacks in Israel. When women support racist organizations of any cloth (and I’m sorry, but even the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on 10 November 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 “determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”), then it’s clear that eventually, they’re also supporting their own oppression.

“Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, Mark Halperin, Leon Wieseltier, James Toback, Israel Horowitz, Al Franken, James Levine, Jeremy Priven, Woody Allen, Brett Ratner, Michael Oreskes, Bruce Weber — all have been accused in one way or another of sexual assault or harassment, primarily in the workplace. Let’s not forget that Anthony Weiner is currently in a cell in a federal penitentiary in Massachusetts for sending obscene material to a minor and Rabbi Barry Freundel will be spending the next five years behind bars for videotaping women as they prepared for a ritual bath. The list is even longer, and as the list has grown, so has the quiet shame that many Jewish men are feeling.” ~DANIEL BRENNER / JTA January 24, 2018

We get our morality from concepts that come out of the Judeo-Christian tradition. These ideas of MORALITY shape our current, tragic ideas of culture… Civil Society, guilt and the toxic shame that alienate people from one another. Somehow we’re NOT TAUGHT that each of us is potentially, “THE CHRIST” … each a part of “God” … that word that symbolizes our potential to experience the full range of the Light and Darkness of the UNIVERSE while we live!

The Abrahamic religions ( Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) all desperately need to be explained in much broader empowering ways. Over time, they’ve become “Empires” of wealth that control the thoughts, desires, and actions of millions. Calvinism wrapped itself around American protestant theology and reinforced racism, Classism, and the empty “Prosperity Theology” we have today.

I strongly suggest you read the original article. It both speaks to the problem of how Jewish men are taught to handle power, money… and something darker about sexuality, it’s clear that this isn’t a “Jewish Problem.”  When asked what they want to be when they grow up, many young people today say, “Famous.” Yes, the media has used “Celebrity” to steer awareness away from the questions of caring for one another and the “human-ness” that leads to true intimacy, and in exchange has given us alienated cultures shaped to prey on each other rather than love and support one another. Sadly the article also has an odor of privilege that has allowed this pile of stench to overwhelm its banks.

“Yet I think that many Jewish men are avoiding a tough conversation that we should be having: an internal, community-focused dialogue about the intersection of sex, sexuality and power in the lives of Jewish men. And if we do not ask if there are specific Jewish ways that men have been taught about sexuality and power, we will be unable to come up with specific Jewish ways to address them.”


Like disturbed men in long black overcoats flashing unsuspecting women with the sight of their naked penis underneath… this current fad of trapping women to masturbate in front of them is a very tragic sign of decay. (That’s not to minimize physically grabbing their body parts or still worse, rape, are not HUGE, blaring examples of the moral and mental problems that have come out of the world they’ve created, but when “white men” who are at the top of the food chain, and who have millions of dollars … are unable to create the relationships with women that FEED their hunger–sexually emotionally, and psychologically… there’s a PROBLEM.)

It also shows that you cannot hurt your right arm without feeling pain throughout your whole body. The Jews that control so much of the media and wield so much influence politically have … ARE… doing so much harm to black people through the contract of the “Conservative Agenda” … as well as the desperate need for wealth. Jews were used by the European elite to be the bankers… the handlers of the “dirty money.” Will they as a culture pick up this blaring call to examine–and change– what they’ve been doing?

We wait to see. Shockingly, there are only 6 million Jews in the world … yet through their skillful  hard work and COOPERATION, they’re so influential… making them capable of achieving any goal they set. Also remember that Jewish men and women have gifted the world with pioneering work in psychology as well as art, literature, science, music and many other aspects of culture. So if these men of power and the women who support them have the will to examine what is wrong, they are more than up to the challenge of changing it… and even gifting through leadership the results.

Right now though, there’s a blaring sign on the marquee that reads: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Empty materialism and the desperate need for “FAME” … to be “SEEN” … continues to be a Tyranny that corrupts the Rule of Law… as well as the core of our mental health.