An article in Modern Psychology Today discusses an, “Outbreak: On Transgender Teens and Psychic Epidemics.”  Why are we witnessing such a visible blending of male and female energies?

Archetypes of consciousness are discussed. We must remember that whenever we see the word, “Archetype,” more than Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell should spring to mind. Archetypes used to be another word for, “the gods.”

Aspects of the Age of Aquarius:

• This is a time of the merging of opposites—Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine

• Duality can be resolved

• We are more free to interact with our higher self

• Polarized aspects inside of each of us is being called to work together

• More than ever, we can bring aspects of The Divine into the Material World

• This is the “Unveiling” … illusions uncovered

• The Age of Pisces had a dark side, which was Deception. Slowly they will erode away.

• Liberation and Harmony will slowly make its way into The Collective

• The good side of the Age of Aquarius is Abundance and Harmony… however there are those who will react to the forces of change by strongly trying to maintain the Status Quo and a “detox” … even a purge will likely occur with great turmoil.

• We’ll have to make a choice—cling to the outdated values or replace them with something better.

• The Water Bearer calls, but it will be up to us to decide which direction to take.