Today’s world is quickly changing into the past. Specifically, the world of the very near future will be a Techno-Medieval world.

Already the world offers fewer safe places to travel–and live. ( Everyone planning on bicycling through the Middle East raise their hands! Hitch hiking trough Central America? How about a motorcycle ride from L.A. down through Peru? ) The economy will shift from Capitalism to Feudalism which at least have of the world’s wealth will be held by 62 men ( …as Sean McFate puts it, “you can put them all on one bus”) and the vast majority of citizens will happily play video games while as they live heavily surveilled lives of mediocrity and declining health.

Should we forget Utopian dreams and replace them with Dystopian ones? Well, the world is, has, and will be continually one of chaos and order. We shouldn’t bemoan this because without either, we live stagnant lives. (Back to the X-Box and the couch.)

“He–or she– who doesn’t engineer their own destiny shall have their destiny ordered for them.” ~ Henry J. Kaiser

The government will not save you. Politics is a sham incapable of saving you. The best case scenario is to remember what our ancestors knew: humans are week and poor alone, but strong in number. Lets talk about the the tea leaves of today and explore the best options to live out our lives. Viewing this video is a must: