If I hadn’t been following Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and now Integral Psychologist Ken Wilber reentering the public scene comparing his, “Theory of Everything” to Peterson’s … I wouldn’t have taken this young man’s video very seriously. In no way do I believe everything he says. And yes, it sounds like this young man is far Right Wing … and perhaps antisemitic (...at least his word choices illustrates how the white men–and women–who see Zionism as a threat to them are thinking… and positioning themselves).

Watching contradictory media personalities like Alex Jones and Joe Rogan correlating with very reputable theories made by “Subject Matter Experts” Ken Wilber and Jordan Peterson, and having them present their interviews on tier one stages, means there’s a LOT of money and power operating behind the curtains. The break down of culture is just a step in creating a new version of the Norman Conquest …. “One World Order.” I highly recommend this … just to see if you can follow it.