I went into Verizon to pay my bill yesterday and the young man told me that he could help me out with my bill. Without telling me he was doing, he handed me that tablet to sign along with a small rectangular plastic device that he instructed me to attach to a place beneath my steering wheel that mechanics use for diagnostic purposes. I asked him … WHY??

He said that some new law makes cell phone companies offer more than just … cell phones. I looked at the sheep of paper he handed me next and it said this device would help me find my car if it was stolen, provide me with road side assistance and several other features my automobile insurance already provides–but now, instead of just tracking my movements via cell phone, they can also track my car … and monitor EVERYTHING going on with it. I declined. I saw the disappointment on the young man’s face and wondered how much money he’d just missed out on.

Any thing we attach to a computer or use wireless Blue Tooth with, can be hacked. Therefore… we need to be increasingly careful. This video will blow your mind. If your car is Blue Tooth wireless enabled — it can easily be hacked, stopped, or even driven into a wall with doors locked at 100+ miles per hour. These are dangerous time we’re now in.

After viewing this, we clearly see how Venezuela’s power grid was recently shut down. WIRED magazine has an article about why it’s so difficult once shut down, to restart it. Anyone else finding it difficult to breath?