I wasn’t aware of the Midwest flooding. (I don’t own a TV.) Wow. This is significant. Have you spent much time in the midwest? It’s a rather dusty place. I imagine it can use a bit of washing up.

Plus that’s Trump country… lots of Fundamentalist “Christians”… even snake handlers. To them, this is the apocalypse or even another Biblical flood. I imagine tons of Midwesterners are gleefully expecting to see Jesus any day now. No worries about them.

The weather here in Olympia, Washington has been really nice. Sunny and into the 60s and 70s. On the whole, the people live for stupid drama, but the geography is wonderful. Spring rain will be coming through.

I love YouTube… (everything is on YouTube!)
Flooding in the Midwest…Those Red State voters are really getting what they asked for with Trump’s tariffs hitting the farmers pockets… and now Jesus unleashing the Four Horsemen. Wonder who those who aren’t raptured will blame for this?

“These 144,000 witnesses are selected from the twelve tribes of Israel. They are sealed on their foreheads and they are servants of the living God. And the Bible says they are also separated to God—that means they have a special calling from the Lord. Revelation 14:4 says, “These are the ones who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins.”