Interesting … but a gross simplification. I too question if a lot of people who say they’re Trans…really are. But how much does it matter? I also see a pattern among ethnic populations that are the most macho, seem to have more Trans and “Fem” males. (Latinos, Arabs… and world conquering Europeans!)

But while I’m glad she mentioned the “Toxic Male” thing … (the elimination of masculinity)… but she missed two important issues:

1.) “The worst forms of Patriarchy comes through the Mother…”
~Bethany Webster

2.) And the effects on the male from the, “Over-powering Mother.”

Camille Paglia’s good friend (Conservative, Traditional – Fundamentalist) Jordan Peterson did an excellent video about the Oedipal Complex. I’d never heard it that way. Three types of men seem to form when one has an Over Powering Mother. (Especially if there’s no Father, or an emotionally unavailable Father for the boy to complete the Oedipal Complex in a functional way.

Remember … sexuality (and one’s sense of gender) is said to be the result of both “Nature and Nurture.” It’s all there at the age of 7 … the work that needs to be done and aspects of the personality waiting to be triggered.

A.) The first type is the boy who’s mother is so emotionally and psychologically over powering that he’s essentially emasculated before he even starts out in life. Given his genes, he’s most like set up to be gay, bi, or hen-pecked.

B.) The other little boy echos what I’ve heard some Transwomen say… “I didn’t want to be like my mother, I wanted to BE my mother.”

C.) And the third type of boy who grows up to be a man is the kid who is too self-willed … too strong for his mother to defeat, and he comes out of the house (often early) with a rage against the Feminine that he carries a anger against women that often continues the rest of his life.

[NOTE: I too thought that every man who attacked or was angry when faced with a Gay man or an effeminate homosexual was himself harboring homo-erotic content repressed in his subconscious. While this remains true, there’s also this other type… a man forever in rage against his mother.]

So by far it’s not just a simple question of Masculinity … and it’s neither the “Fault” of either the father or the mother … but as the Behaviorist say, a child needs BOTH the father and the mother looking it in the eye with love and compassion (and not yelling and beating) for the first 7 years of life so that self-resiliency and self-confidence to form.

So yes, in part its a result of the breakdown in culture because as the Logos deteriorates, so does the culture. In our culture, ironically, it’s been a Conservative, Fundamentalist, Traditionalism that has led up to this.

Do we now think that MORE Conservative Fundamentalism will get us out…. “Save Us”?? (… what’s the old saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result….)

It feels that the human psyche is constantly in search of balance. Just like winter weather becomes more severe as Climate Change warms the earth, so is the Collective Unconscious in search of more nurturing and Femininity as everyone seeks to become more masculine.

What has happened to the heart and soul of the nurturing tribe? Materialism, Narcissism, ethnocentrism… “The need for power is the need for love” … but alas, these days, we’re all too good to reduce ourselves to being vulnerable enough to ask for love. (“sniff- sniff”)

As a culture, we seem to be moving into “Techno-Feudalism” … Brave New World as a blue print for the New World Order. Out of chaos comes order. Those who have the power to do so, are called, “Social Engineers” … and they don’t tend to allow things they don’t want to occur to happen if they can stop it. While they’re often wrong, brilliant minds like Ken Wilber, Sean McFate, and Chris Hedges, warn us about the Medieval future looming in front of us. If our current culture breaks down — they appear poised to give us a new one, complete with a new God.

Below is Jordan Person’s video that contains his awesome look at the Oedipal Complex. Remember Peterson is also a member of the class of, “Social Engineers” and he can be quit full of shyt when he talks about economics, socialism, race, class and women … but when he stays in the boundaries of Jungian psychology, he can be quite brilliant: