I recently viewed a video of Dr. Cornell West speaking on the same stage as Marvin X. By supporting Crack Monster Marvin X, it shows how thin the depth of black leadership is now. It also showed Dr. West’s graciousness and zeal to meet us wherever we are. But the talk also showed the lack of new ideas for current problems and how culture traps the thinking needed for NEW ideas to spring forth.

A chain is no stronger than its weakest links.
The elephants in the room are:

  1. Taking responsibility for the things that got us here…. (embracing the divisive and low, self-destructive, spiritually rotten, adolescent values of Rap / Hip Hop) and acquiescing to adapt to please da white man, etc..
  2. Ignoring Audre Lorde’s wisdom and choosing Civil War Theology over our creative LGBTQ family who we need right now as outside the outsiders to come up with healing for the whole and new ways to leap frog the dumb shit.
  3. Changing the way we parent so that addictions aren’t locked in by age seven.
  4. Changing the way we parent so that vulnerability to PTSD / Trauma isn’t locked in by age seven.
  5. Going beyond present day culture because it clearly isn’t sufficient to take us further.
  6. Committing to LOVE ourselves back to sufficient health that will allow us to plan, work, and live together again. 
  7. Disconnecting to the addictive video games and “Social Media.”(a.k.a .. brain washers and spies).
… take it back

And FORGET armed struggle… but self-defense is definitely on the table. When Rednecks can shoot you in the eye with a bow and arrow and remain unseen from 60 years away, and wound you from much further, we’re way behind on our game.

When the Gangster Government has stealth A.I. robots that can make their own decisions on targets (us) .. we can forget about an “armed revolution. BUT … we don’t want to go to the cattle cars defenseless and cooperating. Should that very real possibility arise, we want to be regarded as a very substantial, tactical ally to those others who will rise up. That means get your fat behinds off the couch and into gyms. If you live with someone who says, no guns or weapons in this house–MOVE. Find ex-military and start to drill, practice, and learn gorilla tactics. (I’m a very loyal veteran.. but it’s clear that my country has been taken over by International, corrupt, “Special Interest Groups” that don’t regard my presence as welcomed.) Get that. UNDERSTAND IT... but don’t hate. Look for allies instead.

Democracy’s death is right around the corner. Like Richard Pryor warned, “They got them some new niggers.”

It’s not just our necks on the chopping blocks. Women are being used as targets and as dividers. Students will be basically serfs to the State for the rest of their lives. LGBTQ will probably be “cleansed” or continually oppressed. And poor whites? Forget about it. They’re “niggers”supporting the WRONG team. Consequently they’re dying of Opioid, Meth, and alcoholism with Trump flags in their hands.

What can unify the ignorant and the hordes of homeless?
They may already be dead.
[PS: Take care of your health–don’t be surprise if that Influenza epidemic becomes a reality once A.I. eliminates hordes of unneeded workers..]

Even though Capitalism needs a bottom in order to have a top, and a lot of money is made off those at the bottom, this may not be the case when, “Techno-Fascism” fully kicks in.

Yikes … this was 2007

I saw a video the other day that reeked of subtlety. It asked, “What did we do with all the millions of horses that were everywhere after the Industrial Revolution rendered them useless?”

We have to come up with ideas that shows the racist Oligarchs that we have things they need. In the age of A.I. … if you don’t have private businesses, you’re going to be ass out. Better yet, they say, become an artist or an artisan. Music? Algorithms will be creating the new music.

Gone is the time when we can look for where the grass is greener. It’s crazy everywhere. Now is the time to leap frog old paradigms of thinking and raise our consciousness and heal our psychological traumas and distortions so we can plan, live,and work together. Now is a call for a New Black Migration … into forgotten cities where the infrastructure is still in place. New innovative income streams need developing. New contracts with the Oligarchs need to be written.

Dr. Stanislav Grof is a Czech psychiatrist who pioneered using LSD and other psychedelics to heal the mind said, “Psychotherapy takes too long and is too expensive.” Psychedelics gets us there faster.” WE DON’T HAVE TIME to watch TV and eat fried chicken after church. Daring new solutions have to be found if we’re to survive as a people… and avoid slavery and terror.

Top 40 Black Travel Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020

I’ve recently been made aware of a list called, “Top 40 Black Travel Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020.” A young South Asian guy named Anuj Agarwal has the wisdom and insight to compile this list of top 40 Black travel blogs to read.

This dear friends is both a gift– and a demonstration of trauma and not putting our focus on Culture Building has made us weak and open to the dysfunction we’re experiencing as a people today. In the end, there will be, no place to run. We will have to stand, do our inner work of healing and forgiving, and then reach out to one another and … work together in the journey of growth.

Thanks Anju.