There is nothing in this non-monetized blog that I make up for the purposes of slander nor to hurt anyone. My blog post come from my personal experiences, personal observations, and Internet research. In other words, there’s nothing posted here that can’t be found by Googling the subject and finding corroborating information… and when it comes to subjects like “The Mexican Reconquista Movement” … the content comes from Mexico and Mexicans themselves.

Yes, some of the information on the web is posted by conservative organizations like, “The Minutemen” … but before Liberals discount them, how many of us have actually traveled by vehicle to the border? NO nation on earth just lets people go and come as they please. there are nations that have signed agreements like the European Union that allows there citizens to travel freely INSIDE the European Union, but every nation has some restrictions. There are Conditionally Open Borders, but no “Open Borders” … and for good reasons.

“Americans” … U.S. Citizens… are insulting the men and women who daily put their lives on the line and protect the borders of the United States. If you’ve ever traveled to the southern border, you’ll see that it’s MEXICAN AMERICANS who stand in the gap for us. Liberals, by not thinking and just drinking the Kool-aid handed to them through the propaganda of their television screens, insult the courageous men and women who put their life on the line daily to defend YOU against a very formidable agenda that is not in your favor.

This is not a simple … us against them. We’re all being PLAYED by the Banks and the super rich. It has become an extremely complex situation… that would have us put a racist history against Mexicans and combine it with NAFTA, corporate greed, and the CIA / US Government sell-out of it’s black citizens.

“Conservatives see the world through the filters of acquiescing to power and cooperating with their culture.
Liberals are conditioned to view the world through the lenses of fairness and racism.” –Kathleen McAuliffe

I grew up in the multicultural Oakland-San Francisco California Bay Area. where everyone is represented. I view people not as their skin pigmentation nor shape of their eyes, but as people– human beings. But as a black man who has suffered through the madness of the post-1980 “Excess of Democracy” policies implemented to oppress and suppress Blacks, Women, LGBTQ, and Students (everyone who was in the streets during the 60s and 70s)… I have some very real concerns:

1.) The stated goal of the Mexican Reconquista Movement is to take back 11 Western States and push everyone who doesn’t speak Spanish or isn’t Latino, out. All anyone has to do is Google, “Reconquista Elena Poniatowska” or “Mexican Reconquista” and start reading and if the hair doesn’t start standing up on the back of your necks–you’re blind.

2.) So-called “Liberal” Mayors like Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf and Seattle, Washington’s Mayor Jenny Durkan, seem more like rich, white, CIA connected people with agendas that fit Corporations and Banksters more than their Democratic base. Both of these mayors have declared “their” cities “Sanctuary Cities” and under their watch, historically black neighborhoods have disappeared and become either gentrified or replaced with Hispanic populations, and Homelessness has grown exponentially.

“They gonna get them some NEW Niggers!” — Richard Pryor

Once predominately black East Oakland is now at least 80 percent Hispanic. That’s fine… but it’s not what you do— it’s the way you do it. These do not feel like the Mexican American, Chicanos that I grew up with. Instead, they have the feel of a conquering army … with no plans for integration nor making friends with the natives. They have taken our homes and our jobs… but there’s also bullying glares and worse, racist incidents of targeting and terrorizing of specific black citizens.

Mexican Reconqista

Their claim that they are the rightful “owners” of 11 western states is like someone who has sold their house and 40 years later drives by, approves of how the new owners improved the place, and decides it’s theirs. Plus, what happened to the REAL Native American Indians. I thought this was THEIR land? And we know the super racist Bureau of Indian Affairs will NEVER give the land back to them–so why are people who barely speak the language being given all these special privileges?

  • I see them cutting the lawns on veterans facilities where Americans are homeless because they can’t get a job!
  • In Federal Way, Washington a Hispanic man INTENTIONALLY hit my car and sped off towards the police station. The cops wouldn’t even take a report. They told me to file online. Nothing was done.
  • How is it that the racist “Justice System” that puts hundreds of thousands of Black men and women in Privatized jails and prisons turns a blind eye with people who aren’t even American Citizens shout at me to get out of town??

Mexicans are beautiful people… strong, talented, and the good side of Mexican culture is rich in the arts and sciences and encourages its citizens to cooperate together. Many of these “connected” new immigrants who bring their crime organizations and US connections are NOT the same La Raza / Chicanos / Mexican AMERICANS we grew up with and sympathized with and supported. (Without the Black Panther Party throwing support behind Cesar Chavez the Grape Boycott would have failed.) This current new group clearly has no shared experience with us and no love for us.

[NOTE: Darwin continues to be taken out of context … it’s not the strongest nor the fittest that survive– it’s the species and cultures that COOPERATE best together that flourish and survive best… another reason young Rappers need to be held responsible for the products they produce. Young Black people are creating lyrics and myths that encourage more death and black on black violence than any music genre in history. Brainwashed Necromancy.]

So where does that leave us? When faced with malevolence from a group we once considered friends and allies, it’s clear that Blacks have REAL reasons to be concerned. The history of the United States clearly shows that whenever white people feel they don’t need us … or any other population… they kill us.

3.) Mexico is a Catholic nation. There is a Catholic, Latino Pope currently in the Vatican… of Rome. Catholics built a very expensive cathedral on Lake Merit called, “The Cathedral of Christ the Light.” The place is HUGE and sits in a very prominent location and clearly the Vatican intended to have plenty of parishioners in attendance. It was built by all non-black Hispanic workers. The art work inside is whiter-than-white.

  • Latin Catholics started the African Slave Trade. (Not “Europeans”.)
  • Spiritually, the world is still recovering from the barbarity of the Catholic Inquisition… and all the silencing of information that was conducted and the distortion of the roots of Christianity.
  • The Catholic Church was Adolf Hitler’s Church.

So… the only constant is change.
Reconquista is here and the new immigrants aren’t going anywhere. Some of their attitudes towards blacks MAY change over time… but there are larger issues:

  1. Humans are swiftly approaching the tipping point of human existence and Calvanistic Materialism continues to fuel humanity’s demise rather than do anything to thwart it.
  2. All around us there are fires. Anxiety is the number one psychologically malady in the U.S. This is now a Narcissistic Nation with a Borderline Personality Disorder culture. Depression and Anxiety lead American citizen’s psychological maladies.
  3. Everywhere there are drug epidemics. Opioid, Heroin, Crack, Fentanyl, Cocaine, and prescription pills. Alcohol related deaths three times greater than those dying of over-doses. Millions are smoking weed daily. The largest group of new alcoholics are senior women– Boomers … the generation that sold out.

African Americans–wake up.
Liberals and Leftist–wake up.
The next 10 years are going to be a Mental Health nightmare. Divide and Conquer are still working on us well and the crab barrel is over-flowing. Blacks are only a few short steps away from 21st Century Slavery.

The Korporate utterly CORRUPT Cabal that rules the nation and the world intends to render us ALL … Blacks, Whites, Asians, and Latins… into a state of “Neo-Feudalism” or better… “Techno-Feudalism.” They have shown throughout history–AND TODAY–that when they feel they don’t need you, these megalomaniacs kill you. Like psychopaths, they are proud of it.

Feudalism. People like Jeff Bazos, Mark Zuckerberg, and “Stop and Frisk” Michael Bloomberg are our “Lords” and everyone else are serfs and vassals. Some might say we’re already there… with wage slaves going to work daily with their company’s key cards proudly hanging around their necks… “I belong to Microsoft!”

Under a new form of Feudalism, they can control their money better than Capitalism. The Surveillance State is in place. Attacks on Public Education are even more fierce since Betsy DuVos is madly wielding her sword. “Influencers” like Jordan Peterson and sadly, Ken Wilber are at work convincing our Millennial intellectuals that it’s crude and WRONG for them to protests… better to belong to the mob of evil Conservatives. (Yes, “Evil” is an Archetype– and it’s contagious.)

Going back into the Middle Ages is NOT the answer. You can’t put the Jeni back in the bottle. The purpose of humanity is to evolve– not DEVOLVE. Bloody greed and Narcissistic evil the opposites of Awakening to our Higher Minds. We must find ways to survive and renegotiate this current dysfunctional contract that is not, NOT in any of our best interests. (Those who betray–will be betrayed by the pathological megalomaniacs who know nothing else.)

We must begin building new “Tribes” of cooperation and sacrifice that are divers in ethnicity, gender, and age. Perhaps our only survival rests in our creativity. We must hold each other responsible for Integrity (honesty) and not this immature, insane, pulling each other down and attacking each other… regardless of what army they throw at us….