“The American Empire is coming to an end.” Chris Hedges lays out a pretty convincing scenario for what lays ahead for the economic, social, and political future of the United States. It’s grim — but convincing.

Darwin is always taken out of context. It’s not “survival of the fittest nor only the strongest survive” … but rather the species and CULTURES that cooperate best, survive and flourish. This is why there’s so much alienation, dissension, malice and fear among the masses today.

Given the nature of the times we’re about to face, we will need community… and the awareness that our survival depends upon our neighbor’s survival.

No, adolescent ideals about one ethnic group being, “betta than” the next, or one gender oppressing the other, or the necromancy of one gang against the next, or simply isolating from the vast numbers of humanity is not going to save you. It is now a matter of who you will collaborate with for your greater mind-body survival? And common sense obviously should tell you that the larger and more diverse those tribes are… the better.

And no, the Democratic Party won’t save us. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are owned by Wall Street. So no, neither will the Republicans convinced by corrupt corporate opportunist to vote out all the safeguards that once prevented the con-men and criminal cabals from looting the public coffiersand benefiting themselves by leading us into murderous, inhumane wars that lined their pockets with billions of the public’s money and ruined the lives of millions as they turned the world against us… as we shall very soon see when the dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve currency and China outpaces our economy. At this point the rich will retreat into their gated communities and leave us to fend for ourselves.

Who will you side with to survive? The most angry and ethnocentric unfortunately are the most mentally unstable and sociopathic. The masses filled with corporate propaganda will hold to their same old brainwashed allegiances. But in such times, it will be important to reach across old political, class, and political lines and think more in terms of “neighbors” than in disaffected adolescent ideologies based up unmet childhood traumas. Like the generation of the Great Depression, social skills, integrity, and and kindness will trump and outlast dunder-headed bigotry. ( Those are the fools that got us into this mess — but don’t shut the door on all of them, there will come a day when you’re going to need your diesel engine fixed!)

We always assumed that if the dollar fell, we’d still have our mighty military 0to protect us against the abuses we’ve done to the world coming back on us. Not so. Like all empires, once the dollar falls, the rich generals won’t be able to run their Imperialistic war machines. Simply no money. We will then begin to look like the old Soviet Union with bread lines and stores with empty shelves.

“Every great nation is a manufacturing nation.”

Well, the only thing this country manufactures now benefits the war machine. Everything else is outsourced and the Corrupt World Capitalist threw the American worker under buses and outsourced them to other countries. Still buy Apple? Sucker.

Watch the video. This is going to be a rough decade Space Traveler. As Coronavirus has taught us, nature strikes back.

Global warming has reached such a point that it’s very doubtful it can be reversed.. at least without dire changes in lifestyle which economic world collapse will bring.

  1. The world is already self-medicating with epidemics of Ocxy, Meth, Heroine, Crack and rising rates of alcohol related deaths are three times worse.
  2. Stressed and attached to values incompatible with mature mental health. there are also “epidemics” of mental illnesses and a rise in Personality Disorders. Hard to cooperate with people too crazy to be safe with.
  3. Other Environmental disasters are looming. Regardless what you want to call it, the polar ice is melting and the sea levels are rising.
  4. If you’re Black, Brown, or poor white, you can already see that they’re using private and public prisons to make billions off warehousing you and rendering you into a state of chattel slavery. If there will be another Civil War, will find us in the same chains as the first one? Continue making the same dumb choices and see.
  5. The UN lists one climate disaster is happening every week… but the corporate news puts Kim Kardashian’s tired butt in front of our face daily. No word on the pollenating bees that continue to mysteriously disappear.

The list goes on and the psychopaths continue to build oil pump lines through every freshwater source they can find. Why? So they can sell us more bottled water… and if you go on military bases, you’ll see the worse violators are the ones the U.S. government sells to the people putting their lives on the line to defend us. And where will they be when economic collapse comes?

Prepare. Grow your mind, imagine how you best want to live what skills can you cultivate to do it. Will you buy a van and become a nomad … as gas prices continue to rise? Or search out cheap land to create a commune on? If you live in an existing community, will you collaborate with your neighbors like they did in the Great Depression — because isolation will kill you. And what of the hordes of homeless addicts when civil law has broken down? Will we be able to convince the Gangs to take on their traditional roles of protecting the village instead of terrorizing and perpetrating on it?