Never has the world seen such a time we’re currently in. Continually we listen to speakers–almost shocked–commenting on the world’s forced “Sequestering” is forcing us to stop … and thing… about who we are and where we’re going as individuals and as cultures.

Others like Barbara Marx Hubbard point out that variety of thinkers have been predicting where we are right now. “She explores the meaning of the planetary shift from self centered homo sapiens to spirit centered homo universalists and discuss the similarities of our process of spiritual growth that parallels how our planet is going through its own phases of evolutionary growth.”

WATCH: Love, innovation, and creativity.

Barbara sees the potential for a planetary rebirth. In the last 40 years, we could have created a global utopia. Instead, greedy and corrupt men and women have squandered the opportunity of murdering and plundering those weaker than them. “War is a racket,” General Butler used to say, but Barbara advocates for the Pentagon to be turned into a center for planning how to make friends with other countries in this opportunity that Coronavirus seems to be demanding we take.

“Evolution is going somewhere” … but others like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin saw us as being pulled into the future rather than pushed by the Big Bang. He also predicted man’s evolution in consciousness will be shaped by two diverging groups:

  • Homo Progressiveness
  • Bourgeoisie (… or today we’d call this group, “The Sheeple”).

In uncertain times, one group looks towards the future and dreams of greater possibilities. The other latches onto the past as if the Dark Ages were some precious era of safety and well being. (“Make America Great Again!”) We really are chimpanzees with nuclear missiles.

A.I. will be “smart”…. but not conscious. Consciousness is something we don’t fully understand, but we know it is present in sentient beings, and some argue, all organic life forms. BUT … while machines alone won’t equal the consciousness of man… the thinking… is that human consciousness is not only about to evolve above previous capabilities, but soon, our evolving consciousness will join with A.I. machinery and become, “Transhuman.”

The very different worlds of science, New Agers, Futurists, spiritual seekers, and even psychedelics aficionados all seem to oddly be converging what looks like “The Omega Point” of human evolution with slightly different visions, but all seem to agree that human evolution both mental and physical is inevitable.

To be clear– we have a point in time… somewhere in the future, where humans… or those smart enough and with deep enough pockets … or who have raised their consciousness to levels higher than average human beings through rigorous spiritual techniques like meditation or documented protocols using high dose psychedelics… will end up facing what science is doing with AI and technological implants that will make first a “Bionic Man / or woman” and later… a Transhuman … or Post-Human being.

May 7, 2020 - Elon Musk says his Neuralink brain chip could be ready for a human ... Elon Musk says there's a chance his AI-brain-chip company will be putting implants in humans ... by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, could be ready to put a version ... In the long term, he hopes to develop a device that could enable ... [ Read full story ]
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So the stress and anxiety of uncertain times seems to be creating two sides of a cosmic war… and those who look backwards will be the Confederates grasping to “Old Time Religions” and rigid, narrow minded, egotistical, mysogynist bigoted ideas born out of the Middle Ages … and before.

On the opposite side will be the winners. Those who use their curiosity to go beyond today’s toxic culture and work to evolve their consciousness upward beyond Ethnocentricity, beyond Patriarchy or Matriarchy, and become connected with the reality that we really are one species, one interconnected world, inside one holographic universe.

American philosopher Ken Wilbur has his … “Quadrants”.
When looking at human development, he uses a scale of,

Everything is about “Me.” Think of an infant.
(Kinda like your Trump?)

“Everything is about my tribe … my Gang… my ETHNIC group.”…
This is the Adolescent Stage of Development.
(It’s one of the reasons teenagers are recruited into militaries.)
Partly due to trauma, partly due to “Traditional” or Fundamentalist cultural values… many people never grow beyond this stage of development… oh… and Ego. Ego is a HUGE culprit in keeping one stuck in Second Stage Development.

Typically people are beyond age 33 and have children or at least a wife or primary partner. This stage equates with the Heart Chakra.

“I care about the ENTIRE school district because my child has to go there and it’s important that if his experience is a good one, that the the quality be as high as possible for every other child.”

At this stage, we have ascended to the Crown Chakra… the UNIVERSAL stage of seeing and viewing. Some don’t get there until they are grandparents … but sadly, many never arrive.

By this stage we care about the entire planet… if for no reason then we realize that it’s our only home and if we are to survive, we must COOPERATE with it.

So in the future rEVOLUTION, the Confederates will be First and Second Stage people. (See Below) The winners will be Fourth Stage people.


In the video linked above, High Dose Mushroom advocate Kilindi Iyi talks about the limitless levels of consciousness we can encounter … and why we need to encounter them not just for physical and mental healing, but like the Coronavirus has us waiting for Herd immunity to save us from human extinction, so too we are anticipating an inescapable evolution of “Herd Consciousness” to save us from making ourselves extinct.

Grow… or grow.
Gone is the time when we can afford 2nd Stage consciousness where my group is better than your group … or my gender, sexuality, class, or skin color somehow miraculously deems me “better-than” everyone else. We either group up… heal the personal traumas that divide us… or suffer. Suffer, and die.