You can’t get blood from a rock and you can’t get “Healthy” from the sources that cause dysfunction.

The past 40 years has seen a rise in addictions, mental illness, and Personality Disorders. These are like time bombs… land mines in the path of our lives that destroy our communities, our ability to work together not just as a people, but as a multi-cultural nation… and they destroy us individually. It’s more than common sense that we have to stop doing the things that destroy us.

Yes– there’s a lot of Hip Hop I like– but the creator must be held responsible for whatever he or she creates. Life imitates art and I’ve experienced a profound change in the culture from when black men called each other, “Brother” … to when we refer to one another as, “he ain’t nothing but a nigger.” What kind of person creates this kind of “music”? What kind of fool listens to it? And what is the source that keeps on paying them to make is?

If a person grows up playing “mindless” video games where to win you must shoot hundreds of humans or the victory is Grand Theft Auto… then yes, your mind is programed not for community, but to act like a “Nigga.”

Mental illness is growing exponentially on both sides of the Atlantic and psych meds aren’t making a dent in the problem. For one, Personality Disorders aren’t really “Mental Illness” the way Bipolar or Schizophrenia is. In life, whatever you feed your brain.. whatever you watch or listen to… is the food that creates you and your reality. We’re currently living in a time of Group Delusions… and expecting a delusional , highly sociopathic “government” to correct the problem.

It’s insane to expect the source of the problem to correct the problem. We have to start to fess up to the reality that WE are the main source of our own happiness or misery. Garbage in–garbage out.

Is the cure for alcoholism to drink more alcohol? We are killing ourselves by refusing to grow beyond the teenage junk they’ve been feeding us == and calling it, “Black.” Listen to the videos.