Every time I pass a Chic-Fil-A and see black people sitting in their lapping their lips around that lousy, unhealthy food, I dip my head in sadness. Gen X and Y have so little awareness about struggle. Why all the “Black Lives Matter” rage and protesting when you turn right around and support oppression?? We shouldn’t support ANY company who’s past or present policies support racism, sexism, or homophobia.

“Whenever you support the oppression of someone else– your actions eventually support YOUR own oppression.” — Audre Lorde

Chic-Fil-A is known for donating millions to anti-LGBTQ organizations. The Civil Rights Movement was won because of LGBTQ allies putting their lives on the line with and for us. Further–our own friends and family are among LGBTQ people. And that speaks to the heart of the problem we’re at now.

Grandiose adolescent narcissism is at the base of all oppression… racism, sexism, homophobia… Classism. Anytime someone wants to feel “Better-Than” … it’s a psychological attempt to cover up the insecurity and self-loathing they really feel about themselves. It’s true that Malignant Narcissist are unconscious of their self-loathing … until everyone abandons them and that window of reality opens up. This is why they’re continually in search of victims to emotionally torture and destroy. Yes– we’re in a bad, bad mental space in this country… and perhaps worse as a people.

Black on Black violence and murder? For tennis shoes? For just not being strong enough to, “keep their stuff’? The current values of Gen X and Y… and a lot of Boomers too… have knocked the bottom out of the gutter. This is a dark time.. and a time where too many of us have embraced the sociopathic behaviors that can easily have the world saying, “They Deserve it” should mass, genocidal violence break out.

There are already 475,900 black people who’ve volunteered for modern day slavery…. and the number of whites and Latinos are growing. WHY would anyone want to follow in the path of such a disaster? When the psyches of people become so dark, they go beyond Evil… they start to love the idea of their own death. Death period. Necromancy.