I’ve been dragging my feet on posting about this because it’s so … stupid. But it’s beyond time for me offer a few thoughts on the issue. I met my first Transgender woman in my 20s when stationed in Thailand. Returning home, I drank alcoholically and was completely out of step with my generation. I discovered a “Tranny Bar” in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco called the, “Black Rose” that was so other-worldly that just entering its doors was a magic that transported me–if not back to the Thailand of the 70s–to an “alternate universe” so different than the normal, painful one of the United States that I was able to live another day.

So now Black and Brown men are killing Transwomen. They’re killing gender born “Cis-women” too. [NOTE: Cisgender has its origin in the Latin -derived prefix cis-, meaning “on this side of“] I suppose there are many reasons why this historically oppressed gender presentation that has always been with us is now “in the modern era” is being respected by some and vilified by others. But the question of why a man… or male, killing a Transwoman simply because she exists depresses my mind as much as many of the other current senseless violent, crazy crimes being currently being committed.

  1. First, why would anyone want to go to prison marked as having killed someone in Homophobic “Panic”?? Them convicts up in there know what time it is, and you’ll inevitably become… “that which you hate.” Anyone THAT sensitive about their sexuality is walking into a ruthless male prison carrying bells and whistles that shout, “Booty Issues over here!”
  2. How do you explain that you were that close to her… for so long?
  3. In the cases where gangs beat Transwomen to death on the street… dudes, you KNOW you should have stayed in school. WHY did it matter to you? Violence against anyone that tries to shows you love of any sort is an indication that YOU have serious, sociopathic mental issues. Get help before you ruin your life in ways … that you least desire.

“The root of aggression is sexual.”
~ Sigmond freud

So when you see a guy trying to too hard to be hyper masculine? Yep. 90% of the time it’s a case of sexual insecurity being over compensated for… or he’s just simply a closet case still hiding in a closet too scary for him to climb out of. Many of the MOST macho guys are trying to hide sexual issues.

Special Forces. Forget all the LGBTQ people in the normal ranks of the military, we’re talking about men who’ve volunteered for the superhuman feat of becoming a member of elite Special Forces like Navy SEALs and Army Airborne Rangers. (Remember, many Transgender people don’t feel homosexual… they feel like the opposite gender.)

And other hyper-masculine super macho men? I’m sure not everyone in a Biker Gang is a closet queen, but Gay men know them only too well. “Gangsters” and “Criminals” who’ve been going in an out of Juvenile Halls, group homes, Youth Prisons, jails and Adult Prisons since they were in their hypersexual teens? And they willing return? Yep. “You either touch or be touched,” they say. If they weren’t gay or bi going in–those types were… coming out.

Currently they are all up IN Gay Bathhouses… in fact, most Gay Bathhouses are owned by Organized Crime and Cartels. Porn shops? Same thing. It’s no new news that the Mafia has long been involved with the production of porn. No one is mad at them. Shrewd businessmen and porn helped create the Internet we all know and enjoy today. But now it appears the Mexican and Russian Cartels have taken internet porn from the basement and knocked the bottom out of the sociopathic gutter with it. Tons of racists remarks and unnecessarily dehumanizing loathsome categories that only a very undeveloped and psychopathic mind could enjoy creating. (Disturbing because Mexico is ahead of the U.S. with it’s sexuality, so why all the childish hate?) And all the above beating to the soundtrack of immature, IGNUT Misogynistic black Rap and Hip Hop. From this soup of dysfunction… the murderers of Transwomen… and Cis-women come. ((*spit*))

And please don’t say, “um… ah.. it’s against da Bible”… because the Bible isn’t “God” people who hate don’t believe in either of them anyway. (The goal of religion is to love that which is most difficult for you to love–thus expanding your heart and soul.) Plus, these people never read that Bible enough to know it’s an allegorical, mystical book… not a literal one. Hell, the only book most have opened is Facebook. Malignant, grandiose, narrow-minded, brainwashed adolescent Narcissism prevents them from FEELING love… so the only thing some can feel other than depression or numbness is the sick pleasure that comes from making someone else feel pain or misery.

If thugs are such a great “Christians” … then they’re supposed to be in the New Testament.. not the Old Testament (which is PART of the Jewish Torah). Remember, “the people” couldn’t keep the law, so they made a new Testament?

“You are no longer under law but under grace,”  Romans 6:14,

Do you know how hard it is to live by grace? You need to put in some work dudes… “spiritual work” … because that, “Kingdom of Heaven”… really is within you.” You don’t balance your Shadow and Light energy by listing to Gangsta Rap, having the status of a “criminal” as your highest aspiration, and engaging in all manor of harmful deeds to self and others. No–that’s all your Darkness. I hate to repeat myself, but Dr. M. Scott Peck’s statement that, “Mental health = Spiritual health is true… and if you’re a “gangsta” or anyone who values the gutter “qualities” that have been pushed at black, brown, and young people period–male or female this past 35+ years, then you KNOW you’re full of shit when it comes to dat… slave master’s “Bible.”

But back to the New Testament. The ONLY thing Jesus is reported to have said about sexuality is Matthew 19:12. (I guess some confused guys brought an effeminate Eunuch to him one day and ask, “What about THIS??”

Matthew 19:12 12For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others--and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it." 

Please get that! No rules or laws. Just an explanation that addresses both the heart and mind. When you have a religion full of rules and laws, when chaos hits, there is no wisdom… and what is “chaos”? Satan is the bringer of chaos and confusion. For instance, if a woman is sexually abused as a girl, she will forever be fighting to keep chaos out of her life. What we know psychologically fits with what is spiritual.

Sexuality 101

Human beings are EXTREMELY complicated. You have two brains in your head that can act as two people. Your organs have “brains” of their own too. The most sophisticated science known to man is unable to define what the human psyche is. It will take you all your life.. and you may still never truly know yourself…. but fools are all to ready to think they know others. But let me stay on topic…

French philosopher Michel Foucault put forth one of the most interesting theories of sexuality we have today… and it, “sounds true.”

If they came from “God” like that… then they ARE already what they’re “supposed” to be. Such children most often have to have operations throughout their lives. Their self-esteem is butchered along with their bodies. Can you imagine if it were you?

  • Only 10% of humans are born Homosexuals.
  • And only 10% of humans are born Heterosexuals. (((shock)))
  • That means 80% of all human beings are born, “Bisexual.” This is why the first seven years of life are so crucial. During this time, a boy goes through the Oedipal Complex and a girl experiences the Electra Complex.
  • And the capacity for sexual fluidity continues throughout our lives.

This is why fathers are SO IMPORTANT.

A boy is “bisexual” in that he–like every child is extremely passionate in is desire to love his mother and his father. He fights his father for his mother’s attention. But keeping compassion in mind, the father is supposed to “fight” the son for the mother–and win. (“… that may be your mother, but that’s MY wife!” he may say.) The father is then supposed to keep the son with him as much as possible and it’s through this conditioning that the boy’s sexuality turns to girls.

Sexuality is plastic … even more so for girls who are born and raised by their mothers. It’s a horrendous crime we do ourselves in this culture by denying it. (Or trying to.) Add to that the genetics we bring into life. It’s both Nature and Nurture that determines our sexuality… and no two of us are exactly alike.

Gender is extremely complicated

First off there’s Intersex babies. “If you ask experts at medical centers how often a child is born so noticeably atypical in terms of genitalia that a specialist in sex differentiation is called in, the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births…”

Now that’s just what we can see from the naked eye. Approximately 1 in 1,500 children are born with genitals so … not male or female.. that experts have to be called in to make a decision which they are. Then sadly that baby is butchered to fit what that “Bible” says they’re “supposed” to be. Really?

Then there’s all the confusion around chromosomes. “Doesn’t having a Y chromosome make someone a man?” Um… no. It’s complicated. “In fact, there’s a whole lot more to maleness and femaleness than X or Y chromosomes. About 1 in 20,000 men has no Y chromosome, instead having 2 Xs. This means that in the United States there are about 7,500 men without a Y chromosome. The equivalent situation – females who have XY instead of XX chromosomes – can occur for a variety of reasons and overall is similar in frequency.” ~ Intersex Society of North America

There’s also Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, or AIS that makes the body’s cells unable to the body’s cells are unable to respond to androgen, or “male” hormones. I guess all y’all nut-bucket’s trying to “Look-Good” for people who hate you will kill all these people too? And all the women out there who think these people are trying to invade your turf, you’re going to crucify them too? Encourage the sick and violent to attack them? Absolutely insane… and the type of ignorant insanity that we as a culture are paying for so dearly that humans may go extinct must sooner than anticipated.

WHY do we have to even find evidence why “men” shouldn’t kill Transwomen?? First… who in the hell made you God? You and your victim will age, mature, and hopefully have the chance to mature and Individuate… become your own true person outside of culture. If you stop anyone from that opportunity, you will have to live with them spiritually forever. Committing such a worthless, heinous crime is evidence of how little the killer thinks of himself. Perhaps some of these guys have been so screwed up in life, that killing is the only distorted idea of pleasure they have left… the only impotent act of power they can conceive of. You’re doing no one a favor by taking unique beings who’s creativity the culture needs.

Gender theorist Judith Butler says she has an idea why men are killing women. Here’s a link to her inciteful article about it. How fragile are these men’s manhood that even speaking to them is considered an attack.

Journalist and blogger Monica Roberts took it on herself to begin reporting and investigating these murders. Now at 53, she has just died and the coroner has yet to release her cause of death. “Through her work with the award-winning blog TransGriot, Roberts provided a blueprint for the national media on how to report about trans people with sensitivity and empathy. She championed Black trans women and men in their triumphs and mourned them in their deaths, often unreported by local or national outlets.”

Black Americans continue to step lower and lower into a sewer of our own making. African Americans should be the leaders in providing care for HIV+ patients. Why? Because we are now only 13% of the population, but our over emphasis on sex and the inflated need to “feel good” has made us 42% of the newer HIV+ population. THESE ARE NEW CASES.

Blacks/African Americans a account for a higher proportion of new HIV diagnoses b and people with HIV, compared to other races/ethnicities. In 2018, blacks/African Americans accounted for 13% of the US population c but 42% of the 37,832 new HIV diagnoses in the United States and dependent areas.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Black women really need to look closely at that CDC link because there’s another source of why there’s so many Transwomen walking around today. No, it’s not fertilizer.

Black women need to look at why they are raising men they hate.

That, “I don’t need no man,” has been a true disaster. Thug Kulture has also been a true disaster. I know that if I’d had seen my sacred mother (because that’s what a mother is to a child–sacred) bending over and shaking her “rotund” behind and letting some fool stranger grind on it–my entire soul would have dropped out. “What for” would have life been after that?

There are at least three kinds of little boys that come out of that Oedipal Complex when the mother is an, “Overpowering Mother” …

  1. I’ve heard three Transwomen say they didn’t want to be like their mother–they wanted to BE their mothers.
  2. The next is a bisexual man… or a queer man… or simply a man who sees femininity in a larger range than most other Heterosexual men. Most bisexual men seem to be attracted to masculinity. (Getting the father’s love they didn’t get earlier in life?) But when it comes to Transwomen, the bi or “TransAttracted” men are attracted to Femininity. Femininity in a different vibration? Increased Femininity? (Most American women don’t even wear makeup anymore let alone jewelry.)
  3. And the third is far more troubling… it is the little boy who was too psychologically strong for the Overpowering Mother to conquer. That battle in his psyche continues all his life… making in forever at war with The Feminine… especially when he sees it in other males… or what he thinks is should be another male.

Transwomen are… changing the way we look at sexuality around the world. The two little “Binary” boxes of blue or pink just aren’t big enough anymore. And why should they be? Geneticists have stated that if it weren’t for the “Middle Genders,” humans would have never gotten out of the trees. Our mythology and theology are full of them. They were Shamans and healers in cultures that spanned Eastern Europe to here in the Americas. In ancient Africa there are documents stating that marriage dowries were paid for both young girls and boys. Shocking by today’s standards, but every castle throughout Europe had LGBTQ activity going on. In China and Japan, the Middle Genders took the form of eunuchs and so ran things that those nations came close to being, “Eunuch Controlled.”

Most Transgender porn is watched by straight men… and it’s reportedly increasingly popular with cis-women too. So are men who sleep with Transwomen Gay? Confusingly no. (But I don’t see us as “purely straight” either.) TransAttracted men are attracted to the female form and not masculinity… so what’s that? Not to sound too much like JK Rowling, but since Transwomen don’t have wombs nor menstrual periods… are Transwomen… “Women”?

Well, they certainly aren’t men. (Men don’t shake like that.) Everyone who says they’re “Trans” aren’t authentically Trans. For a number of reasons, there’s a lot of mental health issues within the Trans community–but it’s magical to observe the range of gender present in someone who is authentically Transgender. Like the bathroom issue, I think it’s too much drama over Binary. Who says they have to fit into any one box? Are we so narrow minded not to realize that sexuality is a range of presentations? Like butchered Intersex babies, why can’t we love and accept them for who they are? I think of Transwomen as Female… rather than women because “Womb-men”… have wombs.

And well, much of the difficulty with all of this rests … with the acceptance of the mothers of Transwomen. Women are Gatekeepers of society. Black women have been especially non-accepting and cruel to not only Transgender woman, but to the men who are attracted to them.

“If a rooster doesn’t like hens, then it’s best to make chicken salad out of him.”

Dr. Harold Cottman, LGBTQ Elder explains the above statement and says that in the South (and the sentiment still runs though much of the Black community) many feel it’s better to be a murderer than to be gay, bi, or Transsexual. Such ignorance is another death blow in every way. If you look at every advanced culture, they use their Creatives… and not oppress them.

Black people have had a hard time dealing with the slave master’s bible. Shame hits us double hard through racist America. Trump’s popularity and insecure times… reinforced by the narrow, teenage values of Hip Hop and Rap have made us a much more shallow, narrow-minded, and backwards people… and the hypocrisy of our brainwashing shows up in our mental illness statistics, our poor health, and our alarming addiction stats.

Over 55% of Gay and Bisexual Black men in the South are HIV infected. That alone is a statistic that can kill off black men in the South.. because this is the point of contact for most black women who become HIV+ … because most of the black men that have been incarcerated and have grown used to having man-to-man sex are now HIV infected. Not being open about sexuality is killing both the men and women. Shaming is counterproductive, and the decision to not wear condoms in the Black Gay Community is akin to suicide.

We could have created anything if we’d stuck together. African Americans should lead the world in showing how to care for Foster Children–because Black children are more likely to enter Foster Children and stay longer. This is due in great part to their parents medicating their traumas with drugs and the racist systemic Judicial system. But WHY are blacks so traumatized? Much of it is our belief system… given to us by the same people oppressing us. We internalize their beliefs rather than adopting our own.

“He who does not engineer his destiny shall have his destiny engineered for him.”

And like I mentioned, we should be the go-to source of information concerning caring for HIV+ people. The government allots millions of dollars annually for non-profit organizations to care for ill and handicapped people. (This is why I continue to encourage folks to get a Masters in Social Work.) To ignore and deny the reality of sexuality is literally killing us. The Coronavirus pandemic, the Opioid epidemic, Crack, and bad health practices continue to decimate our community. And now all these damn fools murdering more of each other than lynchings ever did.

Do Black Lives Matter if they don’t matter to us? Do they matter if we do nothing productive … bring nothing of higher worth to the world’s table other than foolishness? We are a Creative and scholarly people. Black intellectuals stand shoulder to shoulder with any on the planet.

“The people without a vision soon perish.” Proverbs 29:18-27

The rubber has come off the wheels of both America and Black America. We need new myths– and we need to clean up, revise, and expand the old ones.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:6

Here in the pandemic as we look at forces that can end human extinction, “Knowledge” means to expand information much further than 2nd Century morals. The only constant is change… as in, “change, grow or go.”

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