We’ve entered an Unprecedented time in history. Covid-19 will one day become Covid-30. (It mutates.) Global Warming and natural disasters face us with impending doom. Rampant malignant adolescent narcissism prevents us from from talking to each other–and without talking, we can’t solve the small problems, let alone the big ones.

This is an unprecedented time in the history of Humans. Never before has the message and the opportunity been so clear, that we MUST create that, “Royal Table” to which ALL are invited. Christianity initially offered the world that invitation, but it got co-opted by “special interests” tribes of racism, sexism, homophobia, and flat out greed.

Yes, rich Oligarchs long ago lost faith that they could rule and be Just at the same time. Reinhold Niebuhr’s consolation to the greedy, corrupt and bloodthirsty narcissists who claw for power was an Ethical Dualism centered on Capitalistic Democracy. Unfortunately the United States has never been a democracy and it corporate oligarchs have built as many dams and structures against it as it could shove down our throats.

Throughout the 50’s and 60’s, people looked for ethical pragmatism after deciding it was just too hard to love each other. Influential “Christian Philosophers” like Niebuhr told the rich and powerful that while it was impossible rule with justice… and we see where that’s taken us…

Reality TV tells people that if they’re honest, they must be publicly humiliated and shamed… but 12-Steps and every school of psychology says: “I’m as sick as my own secrets“… and to individuate, we HAVE to own and go through our complexes to transcend them and heal our mental illnesses. But the last two generations have been raised on Internet “Cancelling,” Gas Lighting, and the unreality of Social Media… where one’s “Look-Good” face is everything, and their internal self is unknown to them.

“Social work accepts philanthropy as a substitute for real justice…. and the Christianity Niebuhr spoke of was weak and suburban. It stood silently and watched anemically at white terrorism and economic corruption and did not lead. “Irresponsible power leads inevitably to injustice no matter how intelligent the person who wields it. Hence the real problem cannot be solved by increasing social intelligence and humanitarian sentiments, but ‘only by setting the power of the exploited against the exploiters’… and from top to bottom, white America did not want to face justice for its many sins.

So the Corporate and super rich of the United States chose profits over the responsibility of being Elders to the citizens that performed the labor and bought the goods that gave them their wealth. Instead of stewarding the youth and sharing the wealth, they chose to believe that they had to keep “minorities” down because supposedly there was only so much to go around. That decision alienated them from reality, and put them in a forced march to therapist offices, addictions to, “More” (cocaine, pills, “cocaine and high priced hookers,” Materialism, and narcissistic supply). Like the Syrian King Bashar al-Assad, they ate and destroyed their own country.

All great nations are manufacturing nations“… but no more. They left the company towns to meth dealers and went to China to increase profits– and thinking they could avoid the repercussions of inequity and injustice that set the power of the exploited against the exploiters by disempowering them and economically profiting on their misery after dumping drugs in their neighborhoods–then warehousing them in private prisons. The ones left to maintain the Charade, kept the grid going, and bought their products because by that time, as Marx foretold, all their actions were against their own best interest. (It’s not just the rich who are in love with Necromancy– the poor may love killing themselves even more.

So at the moment, we’re standing on a precipice facing:

Corporate TotalitarianismDue to the lack of imagination of the rich
A change in the economic systemIf the masses reject their place in the Matrix
Increasing mental illness, drug addiction, poverty, prisons, and social strife.Depending on the current stasis. (Oligarchy)

That clock in Times Square ticking backwards 7 years to the Point of No Return… the tipping point of species extinction… shows that we HAVE to drop the dumb stuff and start stewarding more than one tribe. “THE ROYAL FAMILY TABLE TO WHICH ALL ARE INVITED.”

We don’t have to all agree nor forgive to cooperate…all we have to do is agree to cooperate and keep our minds on the task. No huge “Kum Ba Ya” nor reconciliation counsels, just agree to begin working together. And for some– mental health work might be a great benefit. “Spiritual health is mental health.” Grow or Go. That’s what time it is.

Hopefully we still have time for the myriad of healings needed for humans to stay on the planet so that we can evolve. Daniel Schmidt has made a series of movies that speaks to evolving union with yourself before one can make union with with the world.

The transcending of opposites—of transcending the Duality of the mind…

Samadhi is transcending of the macrocosms and microcosms, of male and female, of conscious and unconscience… self and not-self, of in-breath and out-breath, and individual and God.

(We could add, that it’s transcending our cultural programmed opposites of Heterosexual and Homosexual, of Republican and Democrat, black and white.) They’re all just words–constructs that keep us on shelves within the Matrix. To evolve, we must transcend those boxes and walk toward a greater vision. Safety in separation is over.

“The separation is an illusion, created by a false identification with the egoic self… or limited mind. The less mind controls or mediates our experience the more we experience reality as it actually is. The more your consciousness is disentangled from the mind and its preferences, and redirected towards the meditation object, the more the mind loses momentum and comes to stillness.

“The understanding of this process of redirection is not merely intellectual—it must be experienced. You realize or fully become that which you are—that which you always have been, but has been obscured through consciousness and thought. The mind does not know, and cannot know of the Great Mystery of our true nature—the mystery of what we Are.

“… the more the mind gets involved– the more fragmented the world becomes. Every solution that comes from the Egoic Mind, is driven by the the idea that there is a problem, and the solution becomes an even greater problem than what it was trying to solve.” ~from  “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

We’re told who we are by our society and culture.

“At the same time we’re slaves to the deeper biological unconscious cravings and aversions that govern our choices. The ego construct is nothing more than the impulse to repeat. It’s simply the path that energy once took and the tendency for energy to take that same path again. Samadhi as well as Awakening means we must look at where we got our individual and cultural programmed ideas about opposite… that cause us to react with the fear, hatred, and loathing that keeps us in one form of bondage or another.”

Morality is great and it’s rewards are powerful… but morality isn’t love nor wisdom… and morality is subjective. Is Heterosexuality God’s only way? Then why are the angels bi-gendered and God “All-Gendered”? Adam was Hermaphroditic because no man can give birth to a woman.

Neither the military nor a “Strong Man” will save us. The military is an incomplete Rites of Passage that is anchored in adolescence. Any military society is a teenage society. Plus we failed to heed President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning to, beware of the corporate, military industrial complex.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” ~ 50 years later on NPR

Why does the United States insist on fighting a war with China and Russia when we’ve lost in little, un-sophisticated Afghanistan? Perhaps they believe they can win and take the wealth of billions of people just as we’ve stolen from much smaller nations. All China has to do is walk away from the dollar and the United States economic system collapses. That’s how close we are to economic destruction and the end of the American Empire. Add to that–all the environmental extinctions facing us… and unless we change NOW… and realize the Democratic Party is just the other side of the corrupt Republican Party, we won’t be able to make the higher choices needed to save ourselves.