Evil is ripening.
How much devastation do you have to experience before you see that you need to take a different path?

After World War II, the American military brought back as many high ranking Nazi scientist and Intelligence officers that they could. The CIA was formed by combining these Nazis and U.S. Military Intelligence together. The CIA has had a huge, impact on the lives of Americans–especially Black Americans.

We thought the future danger was going to be a Right Wing Corporate State. Many of us even thought that the future who go further and become a technical nightmarish Technocracy… but actually it’s much worse than either of those… at this stage, it appears that a Sciencetocracy for genetically “Superior” humans is what looms in front of us.

Anyone who has even briefly hung out with physicists and other scientist learn that most are geeks devoted to making the world a better place… but who never learn how to go home and talk to their wives and children. In short, a world of that THEY are comfortable in… a world that sees Blacks primarily as dancing thugs who’ve chosen to, “Let’s Get Stupid” rather than engineer an mature and productive life for themselves. Combined with the push for universities to exclude Black students and exclude Black Scientist, Computer Scientist, and Black physicists should immediately make one warry of anything produced by non-Black men who never developed their souls nor matured their psychological relating-factors.
You are now looking at:

  1. A “Scientocracy” that has given up reversing Climate Change and Over-Population. (The super rich have always regarded over-population as one of its greatest fears) and instead like ideas like attaching Brain Scanners connected to Artificial Intelligence that can read your dreams and insert thoughts into your head while you sleep.
  2. The long brewing Nazi plans for a 4th Reich. Hitler got the idea of Eugenics from America.

Sounds Absurd To You?

  • What group of “White People” are the largest ethnic group in the United States? Germans. The history of German American Nazism is long and deep.
  • German Nazis also fled to South America and Mexico– where many of their descendants still live in German Nazi enclaves … or camps that are both separate and co-mingling with South American native populations to this day. Throughout Latin America, Germans have had a large influence on culture.
  • The CIA was formed by combining inviting former Nazi high ranking Intelligence officers and scientist to join with the U.S. Army’s OSS ( Office of Strategic Services) in 1947. Kennedy warned about a “Military Industrial Corporate Complex” … yet we continue to believe, “ahh… dey wouldn’t do that…” while their experiments of terror and barbaric murder and enslavement (Privatized Prison Industry) continues to ravage our people.
  • Many now speculate that, “the parasite has outgrown the host.” The list of “Black Ops” projects secretly developed by the CIA and associated military units are long. We now live in a time when they arrogantly, BOLDLY flaunt their power.
  • Remember when Richard Pryor said, “They’re going to get them some NEW niggers?” HORDS of illegal Mexican, Central Americans and other Hispanics flood our cities daily with no intention of being friends with us. We foolishly “support” them thinking that they are, “poor people of color” who have a right to our homes and our jobs… while they laugh as they, “Push (us) Out” with Corporate and obviously, “Deep State” approval. And where do we end up? Homeless camps or addicted and insane living on the streets.
  • Negative Rap and Hip Hop has always been a CIA sponsored product. Hollywood and the CIA are basically propaganda and PsyOps machines. No other “music genre” has been so devastating to the hearts and minds of Blacks … and other young people who embrace negative Rap as “hip.” No other “art form” has danced so many into death, prisons, addiction, and mental illness.
  • Black people before 1980 and AFTER 1980 are very different cultures. You HAVE to be aware of what values you are embracing. It’s said that Hip Hop / Rap’s beat is very hypnotic … and once dancing to it, its lyrics hypnotize the listener. Besides, WHO … is crazy or illiterate enough to believe that being a Criminal is the highest thing in life to aspire to???
  • Plus, there are Hz Frequencies that heal and connect you positively to the Universe, and Hz Frequency that hurt your body and that can actually kill you if listened to long enough. Every cell in your body is susceptible to tones that affect your body and mind in positive or negative ways. MOST of Rap and Hip Hop’s music is created on NEGATIVE Hz Frequencies. “Don’t manifest against the Universe.
  • Such people end up not knowing who they are because being a “Criminal” what you DO– not WHO YOU ARE. Prison IS modern day slavery. Once you enter its walls, you lose your 13th Amendment Rights. You become– A SLAVE. Such traumatized people are turned into untrustworthy Sociopaths who like acid, slowly erode what’s left of a devastated community. More, “Divide and Conquer”… and more Personality Disorders and Mental Illness.
  • Every person is vulnerable to experiencing at least one mental illness or Personality Disorder in their life. Prison is traumatizing. Psychopaths are born, and Sociopaths are created. Trying to survive by embracing values that are Evil and demonic turns you into a Sociopath. Such a life traumatizes the individual and those around him or her. Going through trauma is not rare. About 6 of every 10 men (or 60%) and 5 of every 10 women (or 50%) experience at least one trauma in their lives.

There are worse things than death. Criminality has a huge effect on your mental health. Unfortunately there is an undeniable presence of mental illness in criminal history. There’s also a huge link between Criminality and Addiction and Alcoholism. Have you ever witnessed the grandiose, entitled behavior of an alcoholic? It can take years of treatment (i.e. 12-Steps) for alcoholics and addicts to get to the point where they can SEE themselves and how their aberrant behavior as being self-inflicted. Usually, they have to first heal earlier traumas so begin to mature their emotions and approach adult behaviors.

Guilt at having become the victim of crime and feelings one could have prevented it (whether or not this was at all possible). Psychological effects such as anger, depression or fear, which, in serious cases, can cause sleeplessness, flashbacks to the offence or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We find that crime causes considerable mental distress for residents, primarily driven by property crime. Effects are stronger for females, and mainly related to depression and anxiety.

Find Your Purpose

This is almost a cliché. “What do I want to do with my life,” many young people ask? Find your purpose. Like the Georgia Tech black professor talking to an M.I.T. friend says… “it may have to be secondary– but find out what you’re most passionate in life, and pursue it.” What they fail to clarify is, make sure it’s a POSITIVE passion or else it will drive your life into the ground, and it that purpose is, “music,” make sure you learn how to play an instrument so that your attraction is not just about adolescent ego and empty narcissism.

“Art Imitates Life and Life Imitates Art.”

The idea that being a “Criminal” is “Black” is absurd and insane bullshit. In the 80s, policies of, “Too Much Democracy” were implemented to keep blacks, women, students, LGBTQ people and even Unions from protesting against fascist, racist, Classist, and homophobic policies. Black women invented mathematics. (NOT the Greeks nor Romans… because the Pyramids were built 5,000 years before there were any organized people on the planet known as, “Greeks and Romans.”) As Professor Kame Kamene puts it, what Gen X, Y, and Z, see as, “acting white” … is actually acting BLACK because Africans are the ancestors who peopled the world, brought the first universities to Europe (… the “Dark Ages” were only dark to Europeans..) and the Arabs and Sub-Saharan Moors are responsible for so much architecture and more science than any want to acknowledge. Why?

“Every Claim to Superiority Is An Admission of Inferiority”

Freud (who gets a bad rap) showed us the first level of the mind of the West– Power and Self-Gratification.

Alfred Adler was one of the three fathers of Western Psychology. Adler shows us that the Relating Factor is the next maturing of our personalities. Aldler watched patients and observed that the more they criticized others (and themselves)… the crazier they were. If I spend more time being against my neighbor instead of trying to get along with him or her– it is I who has a Personality Disorder.. and in this time of Reconquista and Nazi Deep State dreams of a Fourth Riech … and Russians and Chinese doing all they can to divide our American House (“… a house divided cannot stand…”) we are poised for an INSANE future of genocide and “culling the herd.”

Carl Jung tells us that to be HUMAN, we have to grow up and go beyond culture to Individuate. We also desperately need a spiritual “container” to hold the unseen forces that can destroy a psyche. “Spiritual health is synonomymous with mental health,” and anyone going through problems (mental and/or addictive) that doesn’t have a Spiritual belief is in the, “Cannot Be Healed” category.

The Social Engineers of this culture have giving us, an Orwellian (1984) reality. They’ve also given us phone screens, Internet screens, and “Celebrity Culture” that tells the masses that anyone who tells the truth is a fool and must be humiliated off screen. You cannot heal if you cannot tell the truth about yourself and what you’ve experienced. Who else says it’s foolish to tell the truth? Yep– Criminals. CNBH. (Can-Not-Be-Healed.) Millions led to self-destruction … as they cull the herd.


Your “job” in life is not to have fun, sex, nor to solely acquire, “Bling.” Your job is to bring the next generation to sexual maturity… as healthy and productive as possible. With so many of us driven into poverty and homelessness, this seems like a Herculean objective. BUT NO… “every problem is an opportunity in Work Clothes.” (Henry J. Kaiser)

  • There will be more disasters (natural and un-natural). Get with some buddies and go into some form of a disaster business. People need food? Get a food handler’s license and a couple of rental trucks and provide it for them.
  • Live in a Flood Zone? Get you some old boats and plan to shuttle fresh water and rescue people.
  • Earthquake Zone? Train Cadaver dogs instead of stupidly teaching that poor dog to fight.
  • Homeless? Gather some of them hustlers and put your dimes together and rent a cheap storefront, and start a thrift store. [NOTE: You can’t use Criminals can you… because “Criminals” will steal from each other.”]
  • Warriors — The job of the young warriors has ALWAYS been to protect the village– not destroy it. This is why every culture needs its Elders.
  • Elders— it takes a LOT of blessings for a man to bring his gifts to the table. How are young men, “Blessed?” By older men. They are the ones who provide encouragement and “spit game.” Without Elders, a culture dies. Today’s youth are told to fight their Elders instead of listen to them.
  • Mental Illness— create circles that heal trauma and mental illness. The State, Feds and Counties allocate hundreds of RFPs (Request For Proposal) yearly to provide services that are needed. With a Masters in Social Work, you can serve any population and make six figures doing it… and hire conscientious, trustworthy friends at the same time. (“Thugs” not qualified … unless they change and grow up.)
  • Got a Criminal Record? That can be money in the bank if you CHANGE. Every college has a program for prior offenders to get a degree or certificate. No one can convince a harden population better than those who’ve been there. HUGE money in Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, and Foster Care. Also Hospice for LGBTQ populations. Stop the bullshit– those are OUR PEOPLE. By caring for others, YOU heal.
  • Grow Microgreens! Watch this video that shows how to make $100,000 a year growing Microgreens. Want to help create healing circles? There are increasing numbers of States and cities where Magic Mushrooms are being legalized. They are cheap and easy to learn how to grow.
  • Come out of Isolation. Isolation breeds depression, paranoia, and metal illness. Doing almost any project TOGETHER breeds success. There’s a tall tree in Santa Cruz where some young guys got together and put a huge, lit, “Peace” sign that graces the city every night. They had to come up with a plan, gather the money to buy the supplies, search out tree climbers, and learn how to light the sign without electrocuting themselves nor burning down the tree. A POSITIVE pursuit instead of one the weakened the city. Accomplishing this not only raised their self-esteem, but established a bond that allows them to accomplish bigger and better, more profitable endeavors in the future.

Our Dilemma was Powerlessness

POWER. Do Black Lives Matter? Not if they don’t produce anything of value. Stop being someone else’s “Shadow.” Find other ways to be, powerful. The teenage, “Thug” is a fool easily destroyed. Mature power is not just being in control of yourself, and knowing how to be a parent and husband or adult, healthy wife, it’s creating something that others need.

Mow your lawn, paint your house, and create safety in your neighborhoods again. We have the same houses that others do. Without a good husband, the son doesn’t learn these things so women, yes you DO need a man. By buying cheap homes few want, and fixing them up, you create wealth for yourselves. You can even build a team and start a carpet laying business or attend a Junior College and learn carpentry classes.

Power comes from numbers and having a spiritual path. There are some who embrace Satan as their god. Not a good choice when it comes to mental health. But look at these immigrant Sikhs who live together and have a purpose of feeding others. “Shit Happens” in every life– but if you have a life framed with a PURPOSE, it greatly reduces the impact of trauma and crisis. Purpose allows you to ride the waves of change and navigate successfully your personal and group’s, “Hero’s Journey.”

Things We No Longer Need

Pimps and Drug Dealers. They destroy women and therefore our future. A “Pimp” is simply another “Titty-Milk Nigger” looking for a woman to take care of him. Usually a victim of growing up in a fatherless home with an “Over Powering Mother” who couldn’t defeat him.

Addicts and Alcoholics. We have more than we need. Learn how to feel a feeling. Stop listening to movies and shows that are all about DRAMA. In fact, turn off the Idiot Box all together.

Gangsters. Do we need more so-called, “Gangsters?” Well… if they mature and become like the Italian, Vietnamese, or Chinese Mafias that actually BENEFIT their cultures and communities, then … okay. But young boys who are demoralized by crime and become life-hating “Necromancers” … no. These guys are too afraid to do crime in the white community. Where are your jobs in the Black community? These assholes stole all the copper out of the buildings and shot the owner.

Big Mommas. Sorry– we’re all full up of, “Big Mommas” who feed their egos on throwing Lewis out the house and beating all the strength out of a boy before he can become a mature man. Why do so many black women hate the men they raise? Slave Code child raising. The Over-Powering Mother is responsible for the Oedipal and Electra Complexes. In short, it is THEY who create Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transsexuals. Learn the importance of Early Childhood Development before you open your legs.

Pimps in The Pulpit. Enough! The Minister/ Priest/ Preacher is an Archetype of The Magician… and this is an especially difficult Archetype to hold. (Doctors, Psychologist, and Teachers are also included.) Archetypes are structures in the human psyche.

"The Magician is the archetype of awareness, inner work, initiation, and healing. Without adequate access to this psychological resource a man will sleepwalk through his life, never asking the questions which can liberate him from his credulity and naivete. He needs the magician within, "the inner shaman", to help him wake up, to give him the keys to access the various inner spaces of the masculine personality, and to help him serve responsibly as a ritual elder for other men."

Religion needs a huge cleaning up and expanding. Christianity once held the responsibility of holding, “The Royal Table For Which ALL Are Called.” They were seduced out of their claim of ownership by embracing racism, sexism, and homophobia. (Let’s not mention money.) Narcissist are prone to gravitating to the pulpit. Men and women who want to lead others so they can feel their adulation and get their money most usually do damage somewhere… regardless if it’s damage to children, women, or to the community, without firmly being rooted in integrity– they will do damage if no more than repeating a very warped version of Post-Civil War theology… the version that oppresses and represses those who seek to be free.

Further reading:

Brain Microchips: Technological devices that are implanted directly into a person’s brain. Such an implant creates an interactive link between the human brain and supercomputers. The purpose of microchipping is to influence the thoughts and behavior of humans without their knowledge and against their free will. The implanted individual can be monitored and controlled anywhere on the globe via satellites. Brain function can be remotely altered through the changing of frequencies. Microchips are manufactured from silicone and, once implanted, almost impossible to detect without specialized equipment and trained personnel. 

Using a RMS (Remote Monitoring System), a land-based computer operator can send electromagnetic messages (encoded as signals) to the nervous system, affecting the target’s performance

Climate Change: It’s going to get too damn hot. Many in the Southern Hemisper are already traveling north for jobs and soil conducive for growing food– yet the Right Wing government of Brazil is burning down the Rain Forest as we speak… so they can raise cows that create more green house gases.