Too late to look elsewhere for answers to the problems. It’s our problem and we have to solve it.

Every culture needs and has a “Mythology” it runs off. Ours isn’t working. Forget that we lack a common mythology that shows us how to love ourselves and each other–we’ve gone leaps further and created a cultural mythos based on hating, killing, and tearing down each other. We have allowed ourselves to accept belief systems that destroys our mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Power is the ability to define a person’s reality and have that person accept that definition as if it were their own.” ~Michael Foucualt  

Yes, over 90% of what we see, hear, and read comes from a racist Corporate Media– but not only are we not contradicting it–we’re eating it all up like we love sliding biscuits through the gutter sewers of life, and wondering why our breath smells bad. They gave us “Celebrity Culture (a “thing” that was NO-thing previously) … and convinced Gen X through Millennials that “Cancel Culture” (more mindless NO-thing) that it’s stupid to tell the truth and anyone who does has to be publically humiliated. (So how does one every get clean and sober or heal from trauma… not to mention resolving complexes and other psychological issues?)

See, while we’re letting them program them program us to gossip and rip each other down, older and wiser cultures like the Navajos warned that GOSSIP will destroy you, destroy your character, destroy your family, DESTROY YOUR SOCIETY, and destroy all the people you love–so they considered it THE MOST dangerous thing to any culture.

Navajo Teachings: This one thing can destroy a society. – YouTube

… and… you … “Hip Brothers and Sisters”… love … it.

Speaking of “Hip” …. let’s touch on what Hip Hop culture has–and is doing–to us… mentally. I know when you’re young, beating on your chest and feeling like you can kill any nigga at a second’s notice might feel appealing, but grandiose narcissistic sociopathy is not the stuff one needs to grow up, raise a functional family, hold down a job, or pursue a career or create a LEAGAL business. (… you know… “legal” as in, no 10-20 in prison where you’re a slave to the state or Jo-Jo’s down low lover.)

So I know everyone ain’t into Lil’ Wayne, soulja boy, or Lil Nas X… or even DaBaby Nicki Minaj, or Cardi B. BUT… when the culture is FULL of these “just fun” nit wits… what could go wrong with our collective mental health??? I mean… look at us. Right? Okay…. so let’s look at one map of the human psyche. Simplified:

With so much based on building one’s ego… why are so many of us having so many mental issues? The Ego is actually a very small part of the human psyche. The map below doesn’t even contain the Animus (how a woman judges men and issues) and the Anima (feeling factor in men), and a lot of … other stuff. The ego –>
is actually pretty small in the human psyche, so when all that “other stuff” starts getting triggered, outsized, misaligned… and all pushing through that tiny hole in the Ego at the same time, something has to … get shattered.

PTSD, Complex PTSD, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, … you know, all the current popular ones… not to mention Substance Abuse Disorders (and all the many ways they mess up entire families for … generations… and of course Borderline and all the other hot Personality and Behavioral Disorders. And we’re THINKING ourselves into them!?!

We know that it’s not the strongest nor the fittest who survive, but rather the cultures and species that COOPERATE the best are the ones that survive and go on to flourish. We HAVE to adopt more MATURE ideas about how to live life– how to LIVE together, and how to be more shred … wiser, at how we look at living with other people (ethnicities) on the planet!

I knew when they gave Kendrick Lamar 13 Grammy Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, and 399 nominations for a total of 160 awards… his words wouldn’t be about encouraging his generation to get Master Degrees, or be “real tough guys” like the type Robert Deniro advised his son (and millions of Italians and whites) to be in the movie, “A Bronx Tale”

“It don’t take much strength to pull a trigger, but try getting up every morning, day after day, and work for a living at a job he doesn’t like just to feed his family. Let’s see him try that, then we’ll see who is the real tough guy. The working man is the tough guy.”

Instead, Lamar celebrated the victimy, “… we trying to get ahead by going against.” Really? That’s giving up before you try. That’s saying, “I know I can’t win, so I’ll steal this lady’s purse instead.”

We CAN do BETTER. We HAVE to do better. Our parents and grandparents DID do better. Ninety-five percent of dem Rappers have to go through Rehab… if they stay alive. So why is substance abuse so strong in our community? IT’S CELEBRATED. That… and the dysfunctional ways we’re raised. Too much beating and getting yelled at. (NOT what strong, resilient psyches are made of.

Plus, young men are supposed to PROTECT the village– not prey on it. It’s the young men’s job to support and DEFEND their women… not beat them down, kidnap them, drug and rape them, nor be “Titty Milk Niggers” who swagger… but are forever vigilant to find women who’ll support and feed them. “Pimps” they call their lazy, low confident asses.

Yes, the schools they often attend are structured NOT to educate them. YES, but why have a child if you’re not going to take responsibility for making SURE they’re educated?


Enough on blaming it all on Black Men. The question continues, “Why do so many Black Women hate the men they raise? Well obviously they ain’t doing something right. Big Mamma-ism is killing us! You don’t want a gay, bisexual, or Transgender son? You can’t be blamed for genetics, but if you’ll stop emasculating them, hollaring and screaming at them, and beating the hell out of them, you might have time to take them to tour a ship so they’ll see there are maritime jobs they’ll love having. And if they stop picking men by the size of his penis or how “bad” they are, they’ll realize that the “Alpha Male” today is a 98 pound geek with tape on his glasses…. making the big bucks they desire to bring their generation to maturity.

In Chicago and many other places in the US, the goal is to become as fat as they can. Really?? I can understand it if a girl was molested and uses to weight to prevent from being desirable… but this is more, “BIG Mamma” stuff. and what’s the end result of this EGO based bright idea?

Non-Hispanic black, Female, All agesPercent
1) Heart disease23.1%
2) Cancer21.8%
3) Stroke6.4%
4) Diabetes4.5%
5) Alzheimer’s disease3.9%
6) Unintentional injuries3.6%
7) Chronic lower respiratory diseases3.4%
8) Kidney disease3.1%
9) Septicemia2.3%
10) Hypertension2.0%

So there we have a snapshot on why … we’re … crazier than a box of Trump Voters on a one-way train going the wrong way. EVERYBODY in the world is trying to get classier … and a bunch of our fools? Still can’t pull their pants up, still haven’t heard of the concept of a “Sacrifice Generation,” and increasingly suffering from so much above that working together to heal / solve / grow beyond these issues aren’t even on the radar screens of … far, FAR too many of us.

You know what we need–from ALL of you?
I… we … need you to survive.