Okay, most people confuse what the word, “Racist” means. They think anyone can be … racist. But technically, no. Racism is a SYSTEM. You have to have power to be Racist. Yes anyone can be prejudice, antisocial, bigoted, and a host of other personality disorders, but if you don’t have money, numbers, and a nazi-like police force to back it up, you’re stuck with just being a petty hater.

Not only is this a problem because … well, the entire media is … racist, and this Social Engineering shapes how the world sees itself and others. People don’t realize it, but this kind of racism is a double edged razor blade that cuts deeply into people on both sides. The only reason why Racism isn’t in the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is that whites psychologically crippled by hatred, un-real fears, guilt, and shame, still think they benefit from it… and well, yes they do. But the price they pay is not only huge, but disavowed.  

This young brother humorously says it all: