“The place they sought to conquer, is a place that doesn’t exist.”

While much of the world is in a state of Agitated Depression, we can find all manor of things to blame… the music industry lulled us like pan and led us into a grandiose era of a Narcissistic, “Kool-aid Cult of low consciousness where we find we’ve lost our internal sovereignty to a savage world bought by a savage Capitalism.” ~ Sunyamurti

There are things we can’t hear when we’re young. Some people must go through things that others don’t, to learn what what’s needed for them to grow to the next level. I drank heavily in my 20s and no one could warn me of the pain that would bring me. Why? Because the dysfunctional tool of alcohol gave me so much of what I needed. It gave me courage to talk to women, and somehow hid–only from me–the parts of me that I felt shame and guilt about. It gave me more assertiveness… so much so that sometimes the police were called. And surprisingly, studies now show that people who drink heavily, exercise more. But like Winston Churchill once said, “Alcohol game me everything I wanted it to, then dropped me lower than where I began.”

And now we have far more drugs than alcohol at our easy finger tips. Fentanyl, Heroin, and Oxycodone, dull the pain of never finding, “Man’s search for Meaning, in this now female dominated culture. Cocaine, Meth, and associated “PARTY DRUGS” now do what health care should do… provide users and abusers with anti-depressants that prevent them from feeling outcast in their own society now chocked full of corruption. Ralph Nadar says banks charge up to 350 fees and charges! And every time we click, “I Agree” with an online App or website, we give up even more of our freedoms. (Well, they’re basically all gone with Consumer Rights are involved.)

At the height of The Great Depression, 48% of American young adults lived at home with their parents. Today… 52% live at home with their parents. All addictions can be traced back to childhood trauma … but no life is perfect and EVERYONE has sexual problems, so it’s the responsibility for the individual to seek treatment and therapy… even though “good” therapy in America is hard to find due the complex nature for the therapist to hold the “Love Projection” that’s inevitable. In other words, not only do Americans need to change our parenting styles, but we have a problem loving at all.

American philosopher Ken Wilbur has his … “Quadrants”. When looking at human development, he uses a scale of:


Everything is about “Me.” Think of an infant. We can say that it’s an early stage of development that humans are supposed to mature out of… unless Nature / Nurture has crippled them with the affliction so common today… Grandiose Malignant Narcissism. In a world that has lost its soul–its self of Togetherness, there is no, “Oneness” … only, “The Me.” (Selfie?)

“Everything is about my tribe … my Gang… my ETHNIC group”… my Tribe.
This is the Adolescent Stage of Development.(It’s one of the reasons teenagers are recruited into militaries.)

Partly due to trauma, partly due to “Traditional” or Fundamentalist cultural values... many people never grow beyond this stage of development of the Ego. Ego is a HUGE culprit in keeping one stuck in Second Stage Development.

Typically people are beyond age 33 and have children or at least a wife or primary partner. This stage equates with the Heart Chakra.

“I care about the ENTIRE school district because my child has to go there and it’s important that if his experience is a good one, that the the quality be as high as possible for every other child.”

At this stage, we have ascended to the Crown Chakra… the UNIVERSAL stage of seeing and viewing. Some don’t get there until they are grandparents … but sadly, many never arrive.

By this stage we care about the entire planet… if for no reason then we realize that it’s our only home and if we are to survive, we must COOPERATE while in it. But how can we save ourselves from the 6th Level of Extinction when most are emotionally stuck in the First and Second Stages?

January 17, 2022

This year was THE most angry, hating Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday I’ve ever experienced. Instead of San Francisco, you’d have thought you were in Alabama in 1968. I live in an area filled with young Tech Millennials who march past in cold silence with rigid animosity pouring off their aura like spikes above a barbwire fence. The area is majority Asian. Latino, and white, but the occasional young black person who strolls by It’s just as or more rigid as if they’re terrified that by speaking to an older black man will send sirens up and down the street that they too, are black. The same old Internalized racism with different names and twist.

Millennials… Gen Z… and them butthole Gen Xers who loved the 80s because they really enjoyed spray painting ugly graffitti everywhere, using “Nigger” every other word, and joining gangs that would end up killing more (other) black people than Klan members could dream of. Many of us “old” Boomers tried, but the media does have a hundred fold influence on young people than a broken tribe … could dream of achieving.

“A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.” ~ Karl Marx

By far, the problem is not a “black problem”, nor is it a white, brown, yellow or pink issue. Like Marshall McLuhan coined, “The Medium is the Message” and for Millennials, Gen Z, and their parents Gen Xers, that Medium is the Internet… and their phones. You don’t develop the same level of humanity nor connection when the Social Engineers are pouring adrenaline and dopamine through you from the age of six or eight (whenever you got your first phone or learned to pull up 4Chan. So people act like Foucault said the power structures condition them to act… or react. It takes time and a lot of highs and lows in life for us to leave the values of adolescence and grow into the unique, integrated human being that contributes to his/her society and hopefully revitalizes it– rather than spend every waking moment either seeking to grab narcissistic gratification, hedonism, or “bling” from it.

"Millennials, the "rising superpower" in America, counting approximately 80 million citizens between the ages of 18 and 34, are nothing but spoiled, self-involved brats. Right? To psychiatrist and contributor Dr. Keith Ablow, this further proves that “we are raising a generation of deluded narcissists.” For the Daily Mail, it underscores a “rocketing sense of entitlement on U.S. campuses,” while The Huffington Post concludes that U.S. college students now "feel super special about themselves.”

It’s the ways they seem to be at war … “outsiders,” (anyone remotely different from themselves) with culture, and even with themselves that is more jolting. Easily offended, but extremely ready to “Cancel” someone like it’s THEIR business.