This is a great time for road trips despite the high California gas prices. Currently there are ways to beat the high gas prices like “Gas Buddy” … plus once out of California, the prices drop considerably.

Summer is typically the High Season and where the roads are jammed with Winnebago’s and crowds. Not my idea of fun. For instance, I like DC in the Winter time because not only can I get good prices on hotels, but much of the city has “gone home” and local flavor is more distinct and the attractions much more accessible.


And there are still great deals on air flight due to the reduction in passengers Covid has caused. Click here to learn more about what is the best time to book a flight. The last two years has been some of the most boring in history, and due to irreversible changes that Climate Change will bring in our lifetime, it’s even more important to see some of the parks, cities, festivals, and landmarks that we won’t always be able to enjoy… especially food festivals… for which there are some great ones spanning from the Midwest up into Maine.


Climate Change. Things are happening so fast that the world just ten years from now will not look like what we expect it to be. You’ll never experience places like the Grand Canyon like you will now. In just two years it will change.