“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Traditional Man says: “Gawd neva changes!” … in an Universe where the ONLY constant is change. Carl Jung pointed that the mind of the Conservative and the mind of the “Primitive” is the same. Both fear novelty, difference, and change. Both experience life through the land … (farming and rural life/ values for the conservative and nature for the “primitive.”) Therefore, they both experience life through intuition and instinct. But it’s based upon THEIR limited life experience … so regardless of what you say… black, white, yellow, brown… pink… male or female… young or old… the conversation always ends up feeling like you’re talking to Sarah Palin.

It is through walking away from superstition that man begins to raise his consciousness through depth analysis of philosophies, world myths, and exploring the inner regions of the Mind through meditation. (All things the pimps in the pulpit warn you to avoid.)

People end up hating themselves for no reason.
They fear and hate their neighbors because they see parts in them that they disavow in themselves. Humans rarely–if ever–experience life as it is… no, we experience life as WE are through projection, transference, and counter-transference.

This is why we throw each other under the bus so often. Through these lenses, when people unhappy about the (perceived) limitations of their life, see something they envy in another, increasingly Fundamentalist culture feels the best response is to tear each other down… “crabs in a barrel” … rather than engage positively and lift each other up.

This is a major tool in the, “Divide and Conquer” kit that’s dates back to the Norman Conquest… which dates back to, “Plato’s Republic” … or … how to control the masses … and keep the Status Quo rich in power.