Covid-19 is just one of the factors that changes our future–forever…

  • We don’t all need to agree–but to survive, we need to cooperate
  • Herd Immunity may take another 13 years–your economic and social reality is now very different
  • Mental Illness is growing exponentially on both sides of the Atlantic
  • “Culture is a Trap” — to mature and grow beyond your present limitations, you’ll need to go beyond your current beliefs and … mental, personal beliefs– HOW??
  • When you’re about to go over a cliff– it doesn’t matter what the person holding the rope’s sexuality is–what matters is they lower the Life Line
  • When they bring you into an Emergency Room about to bleed out–are you insane enough to think it matter’s who the doctor or nurse sleeps with?? (…if “Yes,” then your biscuit head deserves to die)
  • What they told us about Darwin was wrong– it’s not the strongest, nor the fittest who survive–but rather the cultures and species that COOPERATE the best.

“Take what you need, and leave the rest.” ~Alcoholics Anonymous

The United States of Corporate America doesn’t want you to know your personal power nor believe in yourself. If they can demoralize you, they don’t have to worry about you joining a protest movement, starting a new Union, nor doing anything that leads others away from the Matrix of conformity.

We ALL have issues and Complexes and many of us are taken out by them before we can heal them. Midlife and 20-something may be our most vulnerable times.

I’ve been through alcoholism, and 33+ years of Recovery. I’ve been homeless, severely Depressed, humiliated, confused, Traumatized, shamed, and lost… and still I’ve done some pretty awesome things in my life. “The Journey of The Wounded Healer” means that someone can help you see somethings that you can’t see… and another can help offer you the kind of encouragement and advice that can keep you alive another day… year, or decade. We’re not Clones–so we’re not SUPPOSED to agree with everything everyone else does. Take what you need (from this blog) and leave the rest. No, “All or Nothing” thinking.

Society needs ALL it’s people to keep revitalizing it. In the Middle Ages, feudal Lords would trot down to the village and evaluate the peasant serfs. The most aggressive boys he’d put in his army. The most sensitive, intelligent boys he’d put in his monastery. When finished with him, he’d load the now young man up with gifts and send him back to the village. So since the beginning of Western (and Worldwide) Queers have been an intimate part of culture, and the task of revitalizing culture. In short, don’t fight any of information that might save or improve your life. 

“If ye think ye came into the world to bite it, ’tis teeth ye have in your heads.” ~ William Shakespeare

“Hip Hop and Rap have an hypnotic beat that draws you in and the words hypnotize the listener. There’s so MUCH to say on this topic that to begin would lead me into a much different topic, but it’s sufficient to say that:

  • Blacks are a VERY different people than we were pre-Hip Hop/ Rap
  • Thug Kulture is Borderline Personality Disorder Culture (.. all this DRAMA!!)
  • And if someone answers the question of, “Who are you?” with, “I’m a criminal” … they demonstrate they don’t have a clue who they REALLY are. “Criminal” is what you do… not who you are. Going through life without knowing who you are is extremely painful.

Your “job” as a man (or woman) is to bring the next generation to sexual maturity as functional as possible. That or to sacrifice doing something that benefits society as a whole. Failure to do so… means, “Black Lives actually DON’T matter.”

I’ve said all this to TRY and convince you to look closer at the contents of this blog. Just don’t have a knee-jerk reaction to it’s ideas of sexuality, theology, and culture … because right now, the rubber has come off the wheels of American (and it’s Black subculture) so we DESPERATELY need new stories, art, and myths that revitalize it. Humans are the only animal that lives by myths–by stories. The American Dream, and “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” are all bullshit stories that beat us all over our heads. How can “American Capitalism” currently serve the people when so many are Homeless or forced to work two and three jobs because one doesn’t pay enough to life a decent and meaningful life.

We don’t have to agree with each other. We don’t even have to love– nor eve LIKE each other. But we’d better start deciding to agree and cooperate with each other if humans are going to remain on this planet much longer.

To all the “Phone People” and “Supremacists” this or that– stop bullshitting yourself. You know damn well you ain’t about to go out and discover the cure for Cancer tomorrow. Alfred Adler … was one of the three most infulencial psychologist of Western thought. While I don’t agree with everything Adler thought, I do live in a Western nation and if I’m blind to how it functions and influences my behavior, then I’m Blind Ray Charles driving a new Corvette without a license. A crash… is soon expected.

“… Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls.” ~ Luke 11:17