Me n Will Allen2

Divorce. Internalized Oppression. Attachment Disorder. Deviant sexuality not as a normal response but a result of fear, trauma, and pressure from others. All problems in our house that needs to be resolved. And all are, “paper dragons” that result with fears are faced and truths are told. But what happens… or needs to happen… after that?

Everyone has to eat. Women often seek out good providers (historically the babies need to be fed) and if men can “bring home the bacon” … and greens… then he is in line to husband and father. (Not the same things.)

One of the best “solutions” to this current age of “Monsanto” and GMO’s is to grow and raise your own healthy food. Remember, the very greedy, very rich, and very dysfunctional rich folks like Rockefeller act in accordance to the theory that there is never enough food to keep up with expanding population. Therefore, they believe (and capitalize on) needing, famine, disease, and war to keep the numbers down. Why? If the population gets too large, these parasites fear that the starving hordes will want some of the fruits of their labor back and rebel against their Corporate Engineering.

If jobless people picked up shovels and created Urban Farms instead of crack cocaine, just think how different Detroit, Cleveland, Oakland, Memphis, and Gary would be. manufacturing comes out of agriculture. In Milwaukee, WI, former basketball player Will Allen developed “Growing Power“… a farming without fences model on two acres inside the city. As a result, he’s been awarded the John D. and Katherine T. McArthur Foundation’s, “Genius Grant”, Harry Chapin Self-Reliance Award, and in May 2010, Time magazine named Will Allen to the Time 100 World’s Most Influential People. His list of other awards is so long that it takes up two pages. He’s been invited to dine with Presidents and Royalty… JUST FOR GROWING FOOD and inspiring others to do so!

I don’t know if the truck has hit you yet, but it’s way past time to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Universities have been turning out people graduating into unemployment for the past six years. Gone is the day when a college degree will guarantee a job that ends 40 years later with the presentation of a gold watch. This is an opportunity–not a problem.

What is it that you’d really love to do most? What job or business would you jump out of bed to get to each morning? People who follow their FIRST passion and frame it in ways that helps others and empowers people to heal and grow and love greater than the current Social Engineering consciousness of self-destruction, criminality, and addictive dependence will be the winners of tomorrow.